Vaginoplasty is a procedure that aims to “tighten up” a vagina. The vagina tends to get loosened due to two reasons namely childbirth and aging. Some surgeons claim that vaginoplasty can come to the rescue of this very condition. It is also said that it can even improve sensitivity.

Vaginal tissues have a property of getting stretched. This can happen due to several reasons. But that does not mean that it cannot be cured. Several surgically tightening the vaginal tissue can come in handy But they too do not give assured results. One cannot really expect a heightened sexual response, arousal, and orgasm after getting these surgeries. Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure by which issues pertaining to the tightening of vaginal walls is ensured.

Labiaplasty is another type of cosmetic surgery that works on the labia of women. This procedure can be performed alone or along with vaginoplasty. Both the labia majora and labia minora can be treated by this very procedure. Women go for these surgeries for several reasons. These cosmetic surgeries have been in practice for ages and have satisfactory results too.

Reconstructive Surgery vs. Cosmetic Surgery

In order to decide on which vaginal reconstructive surgery you want to undergo, one needs to get a lot of things in clarity. The first thing is to understand the difference between vaginoplasty and labiaplasty. These two surgeries are entirely different. They cater to different needs and demands of a person. So, one must first go and identify the discomfort that is being caused to them and then decide on a particular surgery type.

Reconstructive surgery improves the function of a body part and in this case, the function of vagina. While on the other hand, a cosmetic procedure brings about changes in the overall look of the vagina or any other body part. Some vaginoplasty procedures were originally developed as reconstructive surgeries in order to address certain bodily defects. This includes repairing birth defects when the vagina was malformed or cases related to a malfunctioning vagina in females.

Surgeries Related to Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty

Vaginoplasty has grown or come as the go-to procedure into a group of cosmetic surgeries. It is nowadays known by different names. The most popular of them being vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeons and gynecologists these days are promoting these techniques. These surgeries are now being branded as a means to get a better-looking vagina. This in a way has become a means for women to boost their self-confidence.

Now, these surgeries are even being carried out by laser technology. Recently, laser technology is being used to enhance the vagina. There is now no need to use a scalpel or any other tool to get the perfect vagina. Thus, this very surgery has become really simplified. According to a study it has been established that women all over the world are going out for this very surgery in order to get an enhanced self-image of theirs. They are putting in a lot of effort and feel comfortable in their skin. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery has become the new common.

“Revirgination.” The hymen, the thin tissue at the entrance to the vagina, and it mostly breaks when a woman has sexual coitus for the first time. But this is not the case normally. But various cultures associate virginity with an intact vagina. A surgery called a hymenoplasty is done in order to repair the hymen. Women who have an already broken hymen and who are keen to get it fixed go for this surgery. Thus, a hymen created by this surgery mimics an actual hymen.

Clitoral unhooding. Some surgeons are carrying clitoral unhooding. In this procedure, the tissue that normally covers the clitoris is removed.

G-spot amplification. The front wall of the vagina is where the G-spot is. The G-spot amplification procedure involves injecting collagen. The G-spot is a huge deal when it comes to sexual stimulation. So, this surgery too is in great demand these days.

Risks of Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty

Women’s long-term satisfaction from vaginoplasty and labiaplasty like surgical procedures are still a mystery. But like any other surgery, these surgeries have their fair share of complications. Some of these complications can even prove to be long term.The risks of vaginal cosmetic surgery include the following:

  • Infection
  • Permanent changes in sensation
  • Ongoing pain
  • Scarring

The best advice for women considering vaginal surgery is to be really aware of them. They must know what they can do to their bodies. They must be ready for anything that comes their way. So, in order to ensure this, they must talk at length with their respective surgeons.

Some questions to ask your surgeon include:

  • What are the short-term complications of surgery?
  • What are the long-term complications?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Will I experience reduced sensation in my vagina?
  • Will surgery affect my ability to have an orgasm?
  • Are there any restrictions on the use of feminine hygiene products?
  • Will surgery affect future pregnancy and childbirth?
  • Are my expectations for surgery realistic?
  • What are the non-surgical options?


Are Vaginoplasty or Labiaplasty Covered By Insurance?

How do I prepare for vaginoplasty surgery?

A complete physical examination will be conducted prior to the procedure being conducted. This physical examination is an important aspect of the very surgery.The details of the surgery like drugs, medications, risks, recovery, anesthesia, etc. Will be discussed.

What happens during vaginoplasty?

The vagina is tightened in vaginoplasty. The excess vaginal lining is removed here.

How long is the process?

A general vaginoplasty procedure takes between one to two hours in total. Thus, it is not a ver complex procedure.

Can the surgery be performed with anesthesia?

Patients can choose to have vaginoplasty anyway they want. General anesthesia is something all of them go for.

What are the recovery procedures?

One has to wait until six weeks for a full recovery. After 3-4 days, there is normally no discomfort.

What are the risks and complications?

Complications resulting from vaginoplasty are not very common. If you follow the guidelines of the surgeon and take good care then you will be good to go.

When is it safe to resume sexual activity after vaginoplasty?

Sexual intercourse should be indulged in after six complete months of the surgery.

When can I return to work after the surgery?

Most patients resume their work after a week of the surgical procedure.