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Cosmetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery that aims to improve a person's appearance, but it should be approached with caution. Cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity, with 15.1 million cosmetic procedures carried out in the United States in 2013, an increase of 3 percent on the previous year.

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What is vaginoplasty surgery and what is its purpose?

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to narrow the diameter of the distended vagina in order to improve the quality of sex life.

Candidates for vaginoplasty

Patients have at least one of the following criteria:

  • feeling of loose vagina, with a feeling of “emptiness” during intercourse
  • abnormal opening of the vagina with a feeling of gaping
  • abnormally relaxed vagina with too open or elongated vulva, and possible exteriorization of mucous membrane.
  • failed episiotomy with unsightly scar
  • insufficient contraction of the levator ani muscles
  • desire for more fulfilling sexuality by increasing vagina-penis contact during sexual intercourse
  • desire to improve pleasure in a patient who already has a pleasure that satisfies her, but who wants more.

What are the causes of sagging vagina?

The causes of vaginal relaxation are multiple and almost always related to an alteration of the musculature of the perineum (levator ani muscles):

  • The first cause corresponds to vaginal deliveries, which can generate trauma to the muscles of the perineum. It follows a relaxation of the vagina by distension of the muscles.
  • a poorly closed episiotomy can cause vaginal sagging
  • Age can cause the muscles of the perineum to relax by reducing their tone.
  • in some cases, these may be patients who have never given birth, who have a constitutionally too large vagina.

Vaginoplasty Surgery Techniques

It is based on several techniques, depending on the findings of the surgeon's clinical examination.

Vaginoplasty by reinjection of fat or lipofilling of the vagina

This technique is indicated for a slightly distended vagina. It will not be effective if the muscles of the perineum are relaxed. It is therefore a technique that is used in rare cases or in addition to surgery to tighten the muscles of the vagina, in particular to increase the bulging of the anterior wall of the vagina (G-spot area).

The principle of the intervention is to inject the patient's fat into the vaginal wall, respecting the principles of fat purification of the classic lipofilling technique .

Lipofilling of the vagina allows

  • narrow the diameter of the vagina.
  • At the same time it is possible to achieve an increase in the G point
  • improvement in the quality of the vaginal mucosa

Complete vaginoplasty: colpo-perineorrhaphy

It is the only effective method of vaginoplasty in the real loosening of the vagina, especially after pregnancy or with aging.

The treatment is based on two steps which must always be carried out for a satisfactory result. The scar is invisible hidden inside the vagina.

1st stage of vaginoplasty: Perineorrhaphy

The perineum is the anatomical part located between the vagina and the anus also called “pelvic floor”. It plays an essential role in maintaining the correct position of the vagina, but also of the bladder and the anus. The relaxation of the levator muscles of the perineum can lead to varying degrees of relaxation of the vagina, and in more severe forms urinary incontinence in particular.

Perineorrhaphy is the tightening of the pillars of the levator muscles of the pelvic floor, the main one being the levator ani muscle, by several strong sutures. These muscles provide support for the entire pelvis. By suturing them edge to edge, it creates an immediate reduction in the diameter of the vagina. It is an essential step in vaginoplasty.

The muscle tightening then brings out the excess mucous membrane of the vagina, which will be removed during the same operation: this is the colporrhaphy.

2nd stage of vaginoplasty: Colporrhaphy

This is the second stage of vaginoplasty. It consists of repairing the posterior wall of the vagina, removing its excess. It also makes it possible to correct at the same time an unsightly episiotomy scar.

Hyaluronic acid vaginoplasty without surgery

This technique is completely separate. It is therefore the subject of a specific article entitled vaginoplasty without surgery by hyaluronic acid .

In my experience, it is better to book hyaluronic acid vaginoplasty:

  • minor loosening of the vagina
  • but above all in cases of patients having normal pleasure and who wish to have even more. This request is more and more frequent in patients wishing for maximum sexual fulfillment.

What is the result of vaginoplasty surgery?

Functionally: pleasure

The result is noticeable as soon as you resume sexual relations.

The patient and her partner become more intense in sexual relations, thanks to more intimate contact of the genitals during sexual intercourse.

In case of vaginoplasty with tightening of the muscles of the vagina, the patient clearly feels the reduction in the size of the vagina, and the possible tightening of the vagina during intercourse when she contracts her vagina. The benefit over pleasure is clear.


Aesthetically, the vulva is better drawn, with correction of the vulvar open bite (excessive opening of the vulva), and reduction in the height of the vulva.

Procedure for vaginoplasty surgery

Practical sheet on vaginoplasty

Information summarized in a practical sheet on vaginoplasty .

Consultations before vaginoplasty

  • 2 plastic surgery consultations spaced at least 15 days apart are compulsory
  • A vaginal examination is systematically performed to assess the contraction of the levator muscles of the perineum and their spacing.
  • In the event of associated urinary incontinence, a urological opinion will be taken beforehand to judge the usefulness of an associated urological act.
  • If the intervention is not covered by social security, plan for a period of professional unavailability of approximately 7 days after the intervention, because no sick leave can be prescribed.
  • The systematic medical instructions before vaginoplasty are as follows:
  • Strict smoking cessation 2 monthsbefore the operation, to reduce the risk of poor healing.
  • Stop taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, or oral anti-coagulants within 15 days of the operation, to reduce the risk of bleeding.
  • Stop oral contraception1 month before the operation, to reduce the risk of thromboembolism.


The intervention is performed under local anesthesia associated with neuroleptanalgesia, or under general anesthesia most often for better patient comfort.

Hospitalization for vaginoplasty

The vaginoplasty lasts 1 hour .

Hospitalization lasts 24 hours. In case of lipofilling alone, discharge is possible the same day. In the event of colpo-perineorrhaphy, the discharge takes place the day after the operation.

Classic vaginoplasty operative suites

  • Hospitalization lasts 1 night. A one-day outpatient hospitalization is possible.
  • Vaginoplasty is not very painful, and calmed by simple analgesics.
  • The cessation of professional activities lasts 1 week.
  • The cessation of sexual activity and sport lasts 6 weeks.

Is vaginoplasty covered?

No, most often vaginoplasty is an intervention not covered by social security.

However, in certain forms of net relaxation of the muscles of the perineum, especially after several pregnancies, management is possible. Additional fees may be reimbursed by your mutual.