Vaginoplasty Surgery in Noida

Vaginoplasty is a procedure that aims to "tighten up" a vagina that's become slack or loose from vaginal childbirth or aging.

After childbirth, women may complain of vaginal laxity, resulting from stretching of tissues and separating of muscles, sometimes to the point that a tampon falls out, and this lack of tone can contribute to $eksual dysfunction.

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Vaginal Tightening & Labiaplasty in Noida

A vaginoplasty brings the separated muscles together, and the extra mucosa skin from the back side of the vagina is removed. The external skin can also be removed for a more aesthetic appearance.

labiaplasty is a surgical procedure done to reshape a woman's labia minora—the inner "lips" of the vulva.

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Vaginal tightening surgery in Noida

Vaginal tightening is less of cosmetic surgery and more of a reconstructive procedure. Due to age factor or after having childbirth the vagina of women gets loose which is why they opt for vaginal tightening surgery in Noida to restore their rejuvenile feeling during intercourse. Repair of trauma and repair of vaginal birth defects are some of the other reasons to opt for this surgery.


Cost of vaginal surgery in Noida

The cost of this surgery in Noida would fall anywhere between ₹60000 to ₹100000. You should choose a surgeon having extensive training and experience in performing such sensitive female procedures because the female anatomy being very delicate. Availability of trusted and qualified surgeons who can give satisfactory results for the first time is there in Noida. You can reach gynaecological specialists of Noida who have a history of quality work and a successful track record in performing vaginoplasty if you are opting for the affordable cost of vaginoplasty. It is very dependable for getting the latest vaginal plastic surgery at an affordable cost in Noida.


Tightening the vaginal canal

The normal function of the vagina may get affected due to the anatomical changes caused by ageing, childbirth, or the combination of both sometimes. A surgical procedure to tighten the vaginal canal and reduce the size of the vaginal opening is known as vaginal rejuvenation, which is performed as an outpatient procedure. The procedure addresses the supporting tissues surrounding it along with rejuvenating the lining of the vagina. You may want to consider vaginal rejuvenation due to the following reasons:

  • Due to ageing, weight loss, or pregnancies your vaginal structures sag and have become laxer.
  • As a result of previous genital surgeries you have discomfort from scarring.
  • You wish to combine a vaginal lift with a corrective procedure because of your stress urinary incontinence.
  • A sleeker, more refined contour to your labia and vulva is desired by you.


Repair of a torn hymen

The hymen is a thin membrane located at the opening of the vagina and hymenoplasty may be performed to repair a torn hymen. The effect of this surgery is similar to that of second virginity and women may request this surgical procedure for cultural, religious, or social reasons. During the procedure, the torn remnants of the hymen are repaired by using fine sutures. Hymenoplasty surgery is a relatively quick outpatient procedure that is performed under local anaesthetic. Women who feel pain or discomfort during normal activities can also opt for a hymenoplasty.


Repositioning of vagina

A woman’s vagina that has moved from its correct physical location can get repositioned by a surgical procedure of colpopexy. A vaginal prolapse is a form of pelvic organ prolapse where the vaginal structure weakens and falls in on itself. Through the vaginal opening, it may even get protruded externally. Normally a hammock of muscles and ligaments holds the uterus in its place. The uterus cannot stay in place and slips down from its normal position when the ligaments supporting the uterus becomes weak. The round ligament, uterosacral ligaments, broad ligament and ovarian ligament are some of these ligaments. In preventing uterine prolapse the most important ligaments by far is the uterosacral ligaments. To hold the vagina in its place it is attached to surrounding tissue in the abdomen in the procedure of vaginopexy or vaginofixation.


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A vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure by which the inside of the vaginal canal is tightened in order to regain a rejuvenated appearance and improve its function.

The anatomy of the vagina can change over time and after one or more childbirths. In general, the distension of the muscles of the perineum can cause, among other things, a relaxation of the vaginal walls, thus decreasing for some women the sexual pleasure. In severe cases, this phenomenon can also manifest itself as urinary incontinence.

“Patients who consider vaginoplasty are therefore generally motivated by aesthetic reasons, but also, and above all, by the desire to experience a more fulfilling sexuality. "

How is the surgery performed?

Vaginoplasty is most often performed under local anesthesia with light sedation.

During the procedure, the fascia of the muscles of the walls of the vaginal canal is tightened. The muscles of the perineum are thus in a better anatomical position to perform their work. The wound is then closed using melting points which will be absorbed by your body within approximately two weeks. Since the majority of incisions are made on the mucous membranes inside the vagina, usually no scar is visible.

frequently asked Questions

What treatments are there for the sagging muscles of the perineum?

Kegel exercises , designed to strengthen muscles in the perineum, are highly recommended for the treatment of sagging muscles. These exercises can be taught to you by specialized physiotherapists. First, your physiotherapist will teach you how to identify the target muscles, then he or she will give you exercises and tips to improve the efficiency of your muscle contractions. Your therapist will support, guide and supervise the performance of your Kegel exercises. For more information on conservative treatments for sagging perineal muscles.

However, it is possible, despite your diligence and efforts, that Kegel exercises are not effective enough. The  vaginoplasty  could then be an answer to your expectations.

Will I be asleep for cosmetic surgery?

The  vaginoplasty  is a  minor cosmetic surgery is done under local anesthesia well as the dentist. For some reason, some women prefer general anesthesia and this option is also available.

What are the risks and complications associated with a vaginoplasty?

As with any surgery,  vaginoplasty  may be associated with minor risks of postoperative bleeding and infection.

Usually, sensitivity in the genitals is not affected by this surgery. After a normal healing period, when resuming sexual activity, some women may experience greater temporary sensitivity at the time of vaginal penetration.

The clitoris and adjacent tissues are not affected by this intimate surgery. Their sensitivity therefore remains similar to their preoperative state.

What is the convalescence period? Are there any restrictions on the activities?

Healing takes place in the days following intimate surgery, allowing women to return to work. Sports activities are usually resumed about two weeks after surgery. On the other hand, certain physical activities can cause discomfort to the parts recently operated on beyond these two weeks. It is therefore recommended to avoid sex with vaginal penetration for the first six to eight weeks for adequate healing.

What steps should be taken to care for wounds after surgery?

Proper hygiene of the postoperative wound goes a long way towards good healing. You can gently clean your genitals daily in the shower by letting soapy water run off. On the other hand, you should avoid taking a bath for three weeks after surgery.

How long does the procedure take?

Depending on the degree of correction needed,  this minor surgery takes approximately 90 minutes.

How much does this surgery cost?

Typically, a vaginoplasty costs around $ 6,490. However, other charges may apply if the patient has a particular condition or if different surgeries are combined.