Vaginoplasty Surgery in Delhi

Vaginoplasty is a procedure that aims to "tighten up" a vagina that's become slack or loose from vaginal childbirth or aging.

After childbirth, women may complain of vaginal laxity, resulting from stretching of tissues and separating of muscles, sometimes to the point that a tampon falls out, and this lack of tone can contribute to $eksual dysfunction.

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Vaginal Tightening & Labiaplasty in Delhi

A vaginoplasty brings the separated muscles together, and the extra mucosa skin from the back side of the vagina is removed. The external skin can also be removed for a more aesthetic appearance.

labiaplasty is a surgical procedure done to reshape a woman's labia minora—the inner "lips" of the vulva.

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Goals of vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is a female intimate surgery that aims to narrow or widen the vaginal canal , to improve the sexual life and self-esteem of women who suffer from intimate problems. However, when we refer to vaginoplasty, we tend to associate this surgery with the act of narrowing the vaginal canal, in this case, we can also refer to it as "vaginal closure" surgery.

Who can have a vaginoplasty?

The type of candidate differs according to the type of intervention ( narrowing or widening ). We can distinguish as potential candidates women who:

  • Have the sensation of having a wide vaginal canal, making intercourse difficult with penetrations that “float” and vaginal gases.
  • They suffer from an abnormally large vaginal canal opening, making it difficult to carry out simple daily activities (vagina that fills with water during bathing ...).
  • They suffer from an abnormally distended vagina, with vaginal laxity or hypermobility, with an elongated or too open vulva.
  • Who have had an episiotomy.
  • Who want to live a fuller sexuality.
  • That they fear an evolution of their case towards a prolapse.
  • With incontinence.
  • They have a vaginal canal that is too narrow.
  • They suffer from vaginismus, preventing them from living a normal sex life because of the pain.

What are the causes of vaginal laxity?

The vaginal laxity has many causes, whether due to natural factors or external factors , as explained by experts Aragon Medical Center. Among them we find:

External factors:

  • vaginal deliveries:from the 3rd delivery, 40% of women suffer from some vaginal laxity
  • A poorly closed episiotomy.

Natural factors:

  • natural aging, which can lead to relaxation of the perineal muscles
  • some women may naturally have a vaginal canal that is too wide.

What is vaginal hypermobility?

Not all women who are going to have a vaginoplasty, nor all women who have given birth suffer from vaginal hypermobility. However, all women with vaginal hypermobility are candidates for a vaginoplasty.

Vaginal hypermobility is the most extreme case of abnormal opening of the vagina. This phenomenon occurs most often after one or more deliveries.

According to the Teknon Medical Center, vaginal hypermobility is due to a deficit in the tonicity of the perineal muscles . Women who suffer from it complain of a multitude of symptoms, among which, vaginal gas during penetrations, a decrease in vulvovaginal sensations or the abundant loss of fluids after bathing.

Women who suffer from vaginal hypermobility also suffer the reproaches of their partner who accuse them of the loss of sensitivity during intercourse, giving rise to great complexes that often lead them to avoid intimate relationships.

How to choose my surgeon?

As with any surgical procedure, it is important that you see a qualified and experienced surgeon . In Spain, surgeons must be part of the SECPRE (Spanish Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery) in order to practice. You can also go to a urogenital surgeon. The most important thing is that you verify that your surgeon is a specialist in female intimate surgery.

Then, we invite you to look for opinions of former patients in forums. Read all the information you find, it will give you clues about the type of work your surgeon will do.

Take your time to do your research, visit different surgeons if necessary. It is important that you find someone who makes you feel confident.

It is worth mentioning that since it is an intimate surgery, you may feel more comfortable going to a doctor, since she will have to examine you in detail during your first consultation.

What happens during the first consultation?

During the first consultation, the surgeon will ask you a series of questions to find out what your symptoms, motivations and expectations are. It will also take the opportunity to write your complete medical history in order to rule out a possible contraindication. Later, he will examine you and tell you what are the different alternatives that exist to solve your problem; He will talk to you in detail about the procedures, risks, results, how to prepare and how to live the postoperative period. Finally, they will give you a complete budget with the total price of the surgery.

Take advantage of this first contact to ask the surgeon questions . We recommend that you prepare a list with all your doubts before the consultation, to make sure that you do not forget any details.

If you decide to proceed with the intervention, the surgeon will give you an appointment for a second consultation, in order to better prepare the process.

We remind you that the physical examination that the surgeon will perform consists of a vaginal examination, so if you do not feel comfortable with a male doctor, it is better that you go to a surgeon beforehand.

How to prepare for the intervention?

We leave you this list of tips to prepare for your intervention:

  • stop smokingat least 1 month before surgery and 2 months after
  • stop taking your oral contraceptive 1 month beforesurgery to reduce thromboembolic risk
  • stop taking anti-inflammatory medicationssuch as aspirin at least 15 days before
  • you will have to consult your anesthetist at least 48 hours beforethe intervention
  • the night before and the morning of surgery, you will need to shower with an antiseptic  

Anesthesia and hospitalization

The type of anesthesia depends on the case of each patient, the experts from SECPRE explain that vaginoplasty can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation, or general anesthesia if you prefer. You can also opt for an epidural.

Most likely, you will have to be hospitalized for about 24 hours , but depending on each case, the surgeon may also decide to perform outpatient surgery , so that you return home the same day.

Vaginoplasty procedure

  • Narrowing vaginoplasty

The Lago Aesthetic Medicine center explains how a complete vaginoplasty (colpoperineorraphy) is performed. It is a quick procedure that lasts approximately 1 hour. In the first stage, the surgeon proceeds to tighten the muscles so that the structure is more solid. Then, join the edges of the skin of the vaginal canal to shrink and narrow it. This also allows you to correct a possible episiotomy scar.

  • Enlargement vaginoplasty

It is again a simple intervention, in which the surgeon is responsible for weakening the muscles of the perineum and performing a skin plasty whose purpose is to enlarge the vulva.


Experts at the Teknon Medical Center inform us that pain after vaginoplasty is very easy to manage and bearable with pain relievers. Bruising may appear, but will disappear on its own in a few days.

It is important that you have impeccable intimate hygiene : bathe with an antiseptic and gently dry the area 2 times a day for 3 days. We also advise you to wear loose clothing and a hygienic protector during the first days to avoid rubbing.

The stitches are absorbable and will disappear on their own after 10 days. You can resume a professional activity after 5 or 6 days as long as you do not have a physical job, as well as a progressive sexual activity after about 6 weeks.

They also recommend that we wait 1 to 2 months before doing activities such as horseback riding or cycling.


It is an intervention with a high degree of satisfaction . We can classify the results into two types:

  • at a functional level:sexual relations are much more pleasant, the couple rediscovers forgotten sensations
  • aesthetically: laxity is corrected, the vulva is more aesthetic.

Other vaginoplasty techniques

There are other less invasive and complete techniques to perform a vaginoplasty or treat the vaginal area. They can be applied in patients suffering from very weak vaginal laxity or in lighter cases of vaginismus.

  • Vaginoplasty with lipofilling

If the muscle laxity is moderate, the surgeon can perform a lipofilling from the fat of the pubic area, the buttocks (or any area of ​​the donor). The fat will be treated and purified (Coleman method) before being injected into the lateral walls of the vaginal mucosa. This method makes it possible to narrow the diameter of the vagina, increase the G-spot and improve the quality of the vaginal mucosa. This technique is performed on an outpatient basis, under local, general or epidural anesthesia, depending on the preferences of the patient.

  • Hyaluronic Acid Vaginoplasty

This type of vaginoplasty is also much gentler than other techniques. Hyaluronic acid injections are done very quickly, in the doctor's office and under local anesthesia. However, hyaluronic acid is naturally reabsorbed by the body and its effects last between 15 and 20 months, after which time it will be necessary to repeat the operation. Bruising is likely after the injection.

Complications and risks

Like any cosmetic procedure, there are risks and complications linked to the intervention. SECPRE experts inform us that there are 2 types of risks ; the former are associated with anesthesia and the latter with the surgical procedure, so it is always recommended to go to an experienced and qualified surgeon.

We have the following risks related to vaginoplasty:

  • hematoma
  • infections
  • imperfect scar
  • necrosis
  • sensitivity disorder
  • recurrence of vaginal laxity
  • fistula between the anus and the vagina (very rare complication)

Doubts and frequently asked questions

  • It is painful? No, it is not a painful procedure. However, your doctor will prescribe an analgesic to facilitate the postoperative period.
  • How can I prevent the need for a vaginoplasty? In some countries women choose to give birth by caesarean to preserve the integrity of the vagina.
  • What are the other complementary operations? To achieve a rejuvenation of the intimate area, you can also perform a labiaplasty (reduction of the vaginal lips), treat vaginal dryness, as well as increase the G-spot, using techniques such as laser, or even injections.
  • What are the other female intimate surgery procedures? You can perform procedures such as hymenoplasty, labiaplasty, clitoral surgery, pubic lift, or Mount Venus liposuction, to name just a few.
  • What if I get pregnant after my surgery? It is advisable to perform this surgery once all the desired pregnancies have passed, because childbirth can alter the results of vaginoplasty.


Vaginoplasty, also known as vaginal rejuvenation, is the procedure designed to restore the tone of the vaginal muscles lost due to childbirth, menopause or the passage of time.
Beyond cosmetic reasons, this procedure can help solve conditions that are affecting your vaginal health, such as: pain when having sex, urine leakage, vaginal dryness, lack of lubrication, vagina too tight, etc.
There are multiple options for vaginal rejuvenation, including operations, however, technological advancement allows you to achieve the same results, but without the need to go under the knife.

Revolutionary procedure

It's a painless, nonsurgical vaginal tightening that takes 20 minutes, allowing you to even do your normal activities when you leave the office.
This procedure uses radiofrequency technology to reshape the vaginal area to give it a more compact appearance, improve sensitivity and the overall function of the organ. There are three treatments carried out in a period of three months.
It also stimulates the body's natural collagen production, which will continue to restore the vaginal area over time.

What is vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is a vaginal rejuvenation surgery whose objective is to correct the distention of the tissues of the vaginal canal and restore the tonicity and contraction capacity of the vaginal muscles.

It is performed by sedation on an outpatient basis, so the patient will be discharged from hospital on the same day of the intervention.

Why is it done?

This surgical intervention is carried out in those women who wish to correct episotomies after childbirth, or those who suffer from a widening of the vaginal canal due to age, menopause or multiple births.

What does it consist of?

The surgical procedure of vaginoplasty consists of the closure of the muscles located around the vagina, which are distended or deformed and which are responsible for giving strength to the vaginal walls, while improving the elasticity and control of the vulva.

The results of this operation are usually highly satisfactory, since a narrower vagina and a stronger pelvic floor are obtained without leaving visible scars in the area. In addition, in many cases the satisfaction of sexual relations affected by this type of malformation is improved.

Preparation for vaginoplasty

For the seven days prior to surgery, it is important to avoid taking antiplatelet drugs to limit the risk of bleeding and bruising. Anti-inflammatories should be avoided for a period of the previous three days.

Post-intervention care

During the first 48 hours after surgery, it is normal for the patient to notice some discomfort. It is necessary to rest during this period and place cold on the affected area.

Vaginoplasty: the operation to tighten the vagina

Vaginal tightening or vaginoplasty is one of the operations with a greater popularity in recent years in my practice. It is a type of operation for women who due to their circumstances: age, maternity, morphology, etc. they are in need of a change. The operation must be done by an experienced plastic surgeon. The objective is to compensate for the widening or displacement of the vagina by reducing the muscle, thereby achieving a narrowing of the duct and greater enjoyment of sexual intercourse.

In my long experience, vaginal tightening or vaginoplasty achieves the purpose of improving muscle tone, elasticity, and control of the vagina.

Surgical technique of vaginal tightening

Before the vaginal operation, it is very important that you know everything that the treatment entails. Vaginoplasty consists of closing the muscles around the vagina, which are responsible for giving strength and tightness to the vaginal walls.
The muscle is stretched and sutured with soluble tissue and the excess skin is removed in this way, the vaginal muscles and the fleshy tissue that are around are tightened producing the effect of rejuvenation. The scars are covered up.
Some doctors approach laser vaginoplasty. This surgery is called "laser vaginal tightening", however, specialists recommend that the operation be performed using a scalpel since the delicacy of the tissues requires it.
15 days after the intervention, the stitches fall off and after a month, sexual intercourse can begin. In the event that the patient suffers from urine leakage, I am accompanied by a specialist who solves the problem in the same operation.
Vaginoplasty is usually a short operation (one or two hours) under general anesthesia and the hospital stay is usually one night.

Results of vaginoplasty or narrowing of the vagina

Vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening restores muscle tone in the vagina and improves control over it. It reduces the internal diameter and also the external diameter of the vagina, strengthening the entire perineal area.
Before you make the decision to have surgery, there are different procedures to regain sexual satisfaction. In the consultation I will assess the signs and symptoms, in addition to doing a complete clinical examination. The solution may lie in finding other alternatives such as Kegel exercises, therapeutic Chinese balls, medical treatments or psychological therapy and if the problem is urinary incontinence, it can be solved by doing a bladder lift.

Dangers of Vaginoplasty or Vaginal Tightening

Apart from the typical risks of any cosmetic surgery, vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening includes, in addition to bleeding and infection:

  • Temporary numbness
  • Asymmetry between the lips, inner and outer lips
  • Changes in pigmentation
  • Decreased sensitivity in that area
  • Pain
  • Hematoma (rupture of blood vessels, causing localized blood filled area or blood clot)
  • Sexual dysfunction

Frequently asked questions about vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening

  1. Can a woman who has never had children have a vaginoplasty?
    Yes, it can.
  2. How long can the disability last for the woman undergoing vaginoplasty?
    It depends on each case. Both the recovery and the duration of the operation depend in particular on each patient.
  3. What are the most marked changes that I will notice if I undergo a vaginoplasty?
    You will notice that your pelvic floor is strengthened and you will have greater control of the muscles of the vagina.
  4. What precautions should I take if I have vaginal tightening?
    For several weeks (it depends on each case) you will not be able to have sex. It is also recommended to apply female hormones (some estrogen cream) to facilitate healing. You should not wear narrow pants since all kinds of friction and friction should be avoided.
    Neither are physical efforts that affect the sutures of the intervention recommended.
  5. When can I join my work life after undergoing vaginoplasty?
    Everything will depend on the type of work you perform and also the type of intervention that you practice. Usually, after a labiaplasty, or a vaginoplasty, a week after the intervention, you can be at work, always keeping in mind that the scar will not be healed until after six weeks.
  6. Will a vaginal tightening improve my sex life?
    Physical vaginoplasty significantly reduces the width of the vagina, which produces more friction and necessarily has to improve your sex life and your ability to feel physical pleasure. But it must be taken into account that a large part of sexual pleasure is due to psychological and / or emotional or couple factors.
  7. What is the best age for these interventions?
    Labiaplasty and vaginoplasty are for women of any age.
  8. What is the price of a vaginoplasty?
    Like all plastic surgery, vaginal tightening or vaginoplasty will depend on each case since no two patients are alike. In my consultation I will evaluate your case and I will be able to give you a detailed budget after the first consultation.