Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery in Noida

Vaginal rejuvenation is a term that describes a number of different procedures that enhance either the appearance or the function of the vagina. From tightening treatments to incontinence correction, vaginal rejuvenation procedures can benefit women in a number of different ways both aesthetically and for health reasons.

Vaginal rejuvenation aims to improve the appearance, size, function, and reduce pain related to changes in female genitalia. There are several procedures that may be included under this heading: Vaginoplasty – tightening of the vagina. Labiaplasty – reshaping of the labia. Vulvaplasty – reshaping of the vulva.

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Vaginal rejuvenation can give you back the confidence that you may have lost as a result of vaginal discomfort and self-consciousness in vaginal appearance. One of the most common concerns is a loss of sexual sensation and desire due to childbearing. Vaginal rejuvenation gives you back better orgasms, sexual pleasure, and a boost of confidence makes for a better quality of life for you.

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • Restore tightness to vaginal area
  • See improvement to the overall appearance of the treated area
  • Improve your partner's sexual experience
  • Improve existing medical conditions, such as urinary incontinence

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Vaginal Rejuvenation Noida

More than ever women have the power to decide for themselves how they want their bodies to look, feel and function. Even the most intimate areas of women's anatomy can be sculpted and refined to enhance their sensuality, invigorate their sexuality, and perhaps invite a sense of sexual prowess. All of this and more is possible for Noida vagina rejuvenation / labia reduction patients.

Labia reduction is not a new procedure, but it is receiving fresh attention now that so many women are determined to take their sexuality and discuss issues that affect their sex lives with their doctors. If you suffer from extended or stretched labia that is uncomfortable, causes you embarrassment, hygiene frustration, and even pain during sexual intercourse, labia reduction surgery can alleviate these problems. Your vagina can be a beautiful statement of your taste and style rather than an impediment or a humiliation.

Questions and Answers about Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

Is it possible that my sexual dissatisfaction could be due to an anomaly in my intimate area?

Indeed, many women do not enjoy their sexual relations as a consequence of an anomaly in their intimate areas (narrow vagina, wide vagina, ailments and other anomalies). Some of these surgical intervention techniques are closely related to sexual satisfaction or non-satisfaction, and therefore, it is a topic that is usually discussed in the consultation prior to surgery. (be it vaginal rejuvenation and / or vaginoplasty or others with or without laser).

How long does a vaginoplasty take?

The vaginal plasty lasts approximately between 45 and 60 minutes, and laser rejuvenation is added and increased by 45 more minutes.

Is the intervention done under total or local anesthesia?

Vaginal plasty interventions are performed under general anesthesia, according to the case or local plus sedation, according to the patient's specifications and assessment by the anesthesiologist.

How long will I have to be hospitalized for a Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery intervention?

No, these types of interventions are outpatient, so a time will be observed in recovery for post-operative surveillance.

How is the post-operative?

The postoperative period of a vaginal plasty is very grateful. It requires a rest of 48 hours and suspend working life. for 3 and 4 days, and the vaginal plasty heals in 3 weeks. That is when the results are appreciated.

Does the post-operative require any special treatment?

No, no special treatment must be followed after the operation. In some cases, pain relievers are usually taken and postoperative checkups depend on the type of intervention.