Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery in Nagpur

Vaginal rejuvenation is a term that describes a number of different procedures that enhance either the appearance or the function of the vagina. From tightening treatments to incontinence correction, vaginal rejuvenation procedures can benefit women in a number of different ways both aesthetically and for health reasons.

Vaginal rejuvenation aims to improve the appearance, size, function, and reduce pain related to changes in female genitalia. There are several procedures that may be included under this heading: Vaginoplasty – tightening of the vagina. Labiaplasty – reshaping of the labia. Vulvaplasty – reshaping of the vulva.

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Vaginal rejuvenation can give you back the confidence that you may have lost as a result of vaginal discomfort and self-consciousness in vaginal appearance. One of the most common concerns is a loss of sexual sensation and desire due to childbearing. Vaginal rejuvenation gives you back better orgasms, sexual pleasure, and a boost of confidence makes for a better quality of life for you.

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • Restore tightness to vaginal area
  • See improvement to the overall appearance of the treated area
  • Improve your partner's sexual experience
  • Improve existing medical conditions, such as urinary incontinence

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The passage of time, pregnancies and other factors, cause in women the sagging and progressive flaccidity of the vaginal canal, causing the loss of the structural shape and its smoothness.

Until now , vaginal relaxation syndrome could only be treated with surgery, with the adverse effects that it entails, but thanks to Advances in Aesthetic Medicine, and the New Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser, at the Eiviluxury Clinic we can obtain the same or even better results. than with other invasive treatments.

The evolutionary R Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser Treatment with thermal technology, works on the internal tissue obtaining a great stimulation of the collagen of the endopelvic fascia, achieving its photo-thermal tightening and tightening, thus recovering the optimal shape of the vaginal canal, reinforcing the tissue and the musculature, in this way we can also prevent or correct the first symptoms of urinary incontinence.

It is a quick and simple treatment, without the need for anesthesia that will allow you to continue with your daily routine at the moment. It can also be complemented with other Intimate Rejuvenation treatments such as the Reduction of the labia minora ,  the Filling of the labia majora  or the Vaginal Hydration . 


Hidden under the pubic hair, women in their natural modesty silently suffer emotional disorders and intimate discomforts as well as no pleasure in their sexual relations, without knowing the true origin of said discomfort.

In the aesthetic case, Doctor vaginal rejuvenation. Which basically consists of rebuilding the structures of the vagina that have been enlarged after previous pregnancies and deliveries, thus causing loss of urine. (Rejuvenation of the labia minora)

Being the best in laser technology in Ecuador since 2001, our procedure is guaranteed to improve sexual satisfaction by increasing muscle tone, reducing the risk of vaginal and urinary tract infections, The vaginal lips are aesthetically improved and with less risk of discomfort when wearing tight garments, because rubbing is avoided.

Improves female self-esteem, giving women more confidence in their intimate life. It is a fast recovery surgery, minimally invasive, does not require hospitalization.


When a labiaplasty is done, the work is external considering two centimeters. The vaginal canal is 10 or 15 centimeters depending on the anatomy of each woman, considering depth as a diameter of 7 to 8 centimeters.

Through two lateral cuts of the right and left vaginal lips along the vaginal canal via laser in a triangular or semi-moon shape, considering minimal bleeding. The strip of muscle tissue corresponding to loose vaginal tissue is trimmed and removed. Muscles that are left exposed and flaccid are not cut, but rather a fold is made to achieve and improve tension.

Correction in the deformations of the vaginal lips. There is a huge variation in the size of the labia minora but generally those that do not exceed 2.5 cm extended are accepted as normal. When this occurs, they can make it uncomfortable to wear tight clothing (jeans, shorts, bathing suits) or in sports activities such as riding a bicycle. To improve the condition of the vaginal lips by increasing or reducing them. The "objective is to empower the woman by giving her the option that she can choose." A new vagina or a designer vulva

Having removed mucous tissue, the size of the vaginal canal is decreased, improving muscle tone, strength and control. Both internal and external vaginal diameters are reduced, reinforcing the perineal body (area between the anal and vaginal opening).

It is common that after this surgery, one is afraid to urinate. Since they think of burning and pain and infections so they prescribe antiseptics for anticipation. Extreme cleanliness is required and special vaginal toilets are prescribed. Healing is constantly cared for to review the favorable evolution. When you feel unwell, cold compresses, analgesics and anti-inflammatory are recommended to minimize discomfort.