Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery in Jaipur

Vaginal rejuvenation is a term that describes a number of different procedures that enhance either the appearance or the function of the vagina. From tightening treatments to incontinence correction, vaginal rejuvenation procedures can benefit women in a number of different ways both aesthetically and for health reasons.

Vaginal rejuvenation aims to improve the appearance, size, function, and reduce pain related to changes in female genitalia. There are several procedures that may be included under this heading: Vaginoplasty – tightening of the vagina. Labiaplasty – reshaping of the labia. Vulvaplasty – reshaping of the vulva.

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Vaginal rejuvenation can give you back the confidence that you may have lost as a result of vaginal discomfort and self-consciousness in vaginal appearance. One of the most common concerns is a loss of sexual sensation and desire due to childbearing. Vaginal rejuvenation gives you back better orgasms, sexual pleasure, and a boost of confidence makes for a better quality of life for you.

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • Restore tightness to vaginal area
  • See improvement to the overall appearance of the treated area
  • Improve your partner's sexual experience
  • Improve existing medical conditions, such as urinary incontinence

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We have continually updated our website to provide you with a place where you can easily obtain comprehensive information that educates, describes, and explains the services we provide to our patients.

Our goal is to provide women with education, alternatives and power of choice.

Green PointP: I am interested in having the procedure done. Could you explain more about it?
Gray dotA: Since we offer so many services, it is difficult to answer a question as general as this. We did our best to have a comprehensive and descriptive site with visual images to help you identify and determine your issues and interests.

Green PointQ: I had one or more children, and since then things have not been the same vaginally. My vagina is not like it was before I had children. Sex is not as satisfying as before. For me, giving birth resulted in an increase in the size of the vagina, with relaxed and weak vaginal muscles. My vaginal muscle tone is poor, and so is the bra outside the vagina at the bottom. I did Kegel exercises until I was tired, but they didn't help me. I did not know about this procedure, but I am glad to know that something can be done. Please explain to me how laser vaginal rejuvenation can correct my problems and improve sexual satisfaction.
Gray dotA:Many women have the same problem as you and share your concerns about themselves and the desire to increase your sexual pleasure. Women are very interested in their sexual health, in their sexual satisfaction and in the procedures that can improve it.
Laser vaginal rejuvenation to improve sexual satisfaction is a modification of a standard gynecological surgical procedure. The laser is used to make precise and aesthetic surgical incisions. The techniques we have developed result in relatively bloodless surgery performed without the need for hospitalization. The procedure consists of tightening the vaginal muscles and their supporting tissues, removing excess vaginal mucosa (the relaxed inner lining of the vagina). This improves vaginal muscle tone, strength and control and reduces internal and external vaginal diameters, while strengthening the perineal body (the area between the vaginal opening and the anus). According to Masters and Johnson,the sexual satisfaction of women is directly related to the friction generated. We can achieve this. This procedure can also provide a more youthful and pleasant appearance to the external vaginal structures.
As with all of our other surgical procedures, you are an integral part of the team and we listen to you and comply with your wishes. In this procedure the woman decides how tight she wants to be. Guess what 100% of the women in our survey answered!

Green PointQ: I have had several children. I have vaginal relaxation and I also leak urine when laughing, sneezing or exercising. This problem has had a negative impact on my life, it is socially shameful and hygienically unacceptable. Can I correct my urinary problem and at the same time improve sexual satisfaction?
Gray dotA:Your urinary problem is known as urinary incontinence. It is caused by the relaxation of the upper part of the vaginal wall. Laser vaginal rejuvenation can correct your urinary incontinence problem while improving sexual satisfaction.

Green PointQ: How long does laser vaginal rejuvenation take?
Gray dotA: The duration of the surgery depends on how extensive it is. It usually takes about an hour.

Green PointQ: Where is the procedure performed?
Gray dotA: All procedures are performed in our modern surgical center.

Green PointP: I have relaxation in the lower part of the vagina and in the perineal body. Can I have laser vaginal rejuvenation?
Gray dotA:In this case we only need to repair the lower part of the vagina and the perineal body (the area outside the vagina). Usually in this case the vaginal relaxation is less. Laser vaginal rejuvenation will also improve sexual satisfaction.

Green PointQ: I have not had children, but I have vaginal relaxation and I would like to improve the muscle tone and elasticity of my vagina and reduce the vaginal diameter. Can I have the procedure?
Gray dotA: Depending on your circumstances, you may be a candidate for laser vaginal rejuvenation. Such procedures mainly involve the lower part of the vagina and the perineal body.

Green PointQ: What types of anesthesia are available?
Gray dotA:Our certified anesthesiologist can use the type of anesthesia of your choice (local, nerve block, epidural, spinal, IV sedation, or general anesthesia). Certain types of anesthesia depend on the procedure to be performed.

Green PointQ: When can I continue having sex after vaginal rejuvenation?
Gray dotA: We ask that you abstain from sexual intercourse for 6 weeks.

Green PointQ: When can I go back to work after laser vaginal rejuvenation?
Gray dotA: Generally, your return to work depends on the type of work you do. Most patients can return to work 5 to 7 days after surgery.

Green PointQ: How much discomfort will I feel after laser vaginal rejuvenation?
Gray dotA:With our technique of submucosal tumescence and pudendal block with long-lasting local anesthesia, you will not feel pain for the first 18 to 24 hours. After this, patients report slight discomfort that can be controlled by using pain relievers and cold compresses on the affected area.

Green PointQ: How much does laser vaginal rejuvenation cost?
Gray dotA: The fee includes use of the surgical center, anesthesiologist, surgical assistant, surgeon, and postoperative care. The initial consultation is free. The fee depends on the type of procedure that is carried out and how extensive it is. We can provide you with prices once we know what your particular needs are.

Green PointQ: What are the surgical risks of laser vaginal rejuvenation?
Gray dotA: Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a safe procedure with few risks. To put the risks in perspective, let's say that pregnancy is associated with far more risks than either of these procedures. As with any surgery, the risks are possible bleeding and infection, which in this case is less than 1%. If you have to work on both the upper and lower parts of the vagina, there is a risk that the patient will suffer damage to the bladder and rectum. This is exceptionally rare and in our 16 years of surgical experience we have not encountered any of these complications. Scars can occur with any surgery. If the problem is corrected too much, that could result in pain during sex. Although they are rare, there are also risks in terms of anesthesia,also depending on what type of anesthesia is used.

Green PointQ: Can laser vaginal rejuvenation be combined with vaginoplasty?
Gray dotA: Yes. Laser vaginal rejuvenation can be combined with custom laser vaginoplasty, such as laser reduction labiaplasty.

Green PointQ: Can laser vaginal rejuvenation or personalized laser vaginoplasty be combined with other plastic surgery procedures?
Gray dotA: Yes. Our team of certified gynecologists and plastic surgeons and reconstructors can combine laser vaginal rejuvenation or custom laser vaginoplasty with most other plastic surgery procedures such as breast, nose, eyelid or abdominal surgery. .

Green PointQ: My labia minora are too long. Could you reduce them?
Gray dotA: Yes. The labia minora can be reduced according to your wishes with laser reduction labiaplasty.