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Vaginal rejuvenation is a term that describes a number of different procedures that enhance either the appearance or the function of the vagina. From tightening treatments to incontinence correction, vaginal rejuvenation procedures can benefit women in a number of different ways both aesthetically and for health reasons.

Vaginal rejuvenation aims to improve the appearance, size, function, and reduce pain related to changes in female genitalia. There are several procedures that may be included under this heading: Vaginoplasty – tightening of the vagina. Labiaplasty – reshaping of the labia. Vulvaplasty – reshaping of the vulva.

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Vaginal rejuvenation can give you back the confidence that you may have lost as a result of vaginal discomfort and self-consciousness in vaginal appearance. One of the most common concerns is a loss of sexual sensation and desire due to childbearing. Vaginal rejuvenation gives you back better orgasms, sexual pleasure, and a boost of confidence makes for a better quality of life for you.

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • Restore tightness to vaginal area
  • See improvement to the overall appearance of the treated area
  • Improve your partner's sexual experience
  • Improve existing medical conditions, such as urinary incontinence

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What is vaginal rejuvenation?

This term is used to refer to procedures in which the vaginal canal is reduced or narrowed and thus improve sexual satisfaction. It is indicated in patients who have developed a decrease in vaginal tone due to pregnancy and age.

The surgery consists of removing the excess amount of vaginal tissue and giving greater strength to the perineal muscles, thus narrowing the vagina and increasing its muscle tone. This intervention is performed with epidural anesthesia and requires admission for at least one night. Healing is complete in two weeks, although sexual intercourse should be avoided in the first 6 weeks.


Gynecological reconstructive surgery is divided into the one related to the improvement of sexual pleasure known as Symptomatic Vaginal Width Colpoperineoplasty also called Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation ™ (LVR ™) and genital beautification surgery also known as Designer Laser Vaginoplasty (DLV). Although the latter in most cases is not only related to an aesthetic but also functional improvement. Since the hypertrophy of the labia minora causes a lot of discomfort. These surgeries are elective procedures and are required by the patients themselves, not being performed for medical reasons that compromise their lives.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a technical modification of prolapse surgery to rebuild a loose or hyperelastic vagina to a shape and feel similar to what it was before delivery. It is a 90-minute surgery and it can be ambulatory in half of the cases. The vaginal entrance is also aesthetically and functionally repaired with perineoplasty.

Co2 laser, vaginal treatment without surgery

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CO2 laser vaginal rejuvenation

The  fractionated CO2 laser  in just two or three sessions of about 10 minutes, works by correcting vaginal atrophy, vaginal relaxation and mild and moderate urine losses in a comfortable, safe and effective way  without incisions ,  without surgery and only with local anesthesia . The results are excellent and without any side effects, allowing the woman to improve her quality of life.

The heat generated by the laser acts on the collagen fibers, organizing itself and promoting the  formation of new collagen  that  increases the thickness of the walls of the vagina. This allows the vaginal tissues to contract, restoring vaginal tone, elasticity and lubrication.

Indicated for those women who have decreased lubrication due to menopause or any other reason, there is no age for the use of this CO2 laser system, in mild or moderate urinary incontinence, in aesthetic or functional problems or in medical treatments such as genital warts caused by papillomas.


Vulvo-vaginal cosmetic surgery

The CO2 method is a modern, state-of-the-art tool for gynecologists, in aesthetic, functional surgery and female genital reconstructive surgery. Ideal for use in labiaplasty, perineoplasty, genital whitening etc

Mild and moderate stress urinary incontinence syndrome (UI)

Mechanism of action

The laser acts on the anterior wall of the vagina, the endopelvic fascia and the pelvic floor tissue, by scanning the thermal impacts that act on the collagen, producing a contraction of its fibers, reorganizing, regenerating and forming new collagen. . The result is an increase in tension and a more hydrated and thickened tissue with a greater capacity for contraction.

Angulations between the urethra and the bladder are improved, thus improving urinary continence.

Who is it for?

For people with stress urinary incontinence.

How many  sessions are needed

Usually it is 2 sessions in 4 weeks.


Results occur in 3 months.


Vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation and tightening, treatment and results

What is vaginal rejuvenation?
Are the procedures performed to improve and rebuild the vulvovaginal tissue weakened by different causes such as traumatic, age, hormonal, postmenopausal, episiotomies, postpartum after treatments etc ...

How is it

It is a non-surgical technique that does not require anesthesia as it does not produce pain and is tolerated in all cases.

A prior aptitude assessment is carried out and subsequently the laser technique is applied, which consists of the introduction of an endovaginal cylinder similar to a speculum that the laser circulates inside it and which, through heat in the vaginal mucosa, stimulates the formation of collagen and hydration , tightening and contraction of the endopelvic fascia tissue and pelvic floor tissue

The duration of the session is usually 10 minutes and from this moment the patient can carry out daily activity

The average is 2 or 3 separate sessions of 4 weeks.

After each session and for a week you should not engage in violent exercise or have sexual intercourse.


From the first session, secretion increases, improves dryness, improves dyspareunia or pain in relationships, and in some patients improves stress urinary incontinence, also in patients who have stress urinary incontinence.


Anyone is capable of carrying out the treatment.

Your quality of life is important

It is an option for female genital and sexual health, non-invasive treatment that improves urinary incontinence, or vaginal relaxation due to age or childbirth or menopause due to the lack of estrogens. You do not need income and the session only 10 minutes.

About CO2 laser equipment with gyne pulse TM technology

The GyneLase ™ Method works with a CO2 laser, the only one on the market, that uses a specific pulse for the vaginal mucosa: GynePulse ™. This tool combines photothermic power, delicacy, precision, and versatility to modify and restore vaginal tissue.

The exclusive GynePulse ™ technology generates pulses designed for Vulvo-Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation (VVLR), controlled by the exclusive GyneScan ™ scanner, incorporated within the system.

GyneScan ™ technology allows laser energy to be distributed evenly, avoiding heat build-up, with exact control of depth, percentage of treated area, energy density delivered per point, for maximum safety and efficiency.