Labiaplasty Surgery in Bangalore

The term labiaplasty refers to a procedure that reduces the length of the labia minora. It is the most commonly performed vaginal rejuvenation procedure and it can relieve symptoms women experience from twisting and tugging of the labia.

The goal of the procedure is to reduce the labia minora so that they don't hang below the hair-bearing labia majora. A labiaplasty may be performed to reduce asymmetry when one is longer than the other, or, more commonly, to reduce the length of both labia so that the labia no longer twist, tug or fall out of a bathing suit.

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Cost of Labiaplasty Surgery in Bangalore

The cost of a labiaplasty depends on various conditions like Surgeon’s Fee, Anesthetist fees, Medicines/consumables during surgery, Hospital facility & stay, Technology used, Immediate post-operative follow-ups given to patient. You will receive a personalised quote after your consultation with a surgeon. So if you're considering labiaplasty, it's worth talking to your doctor.

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Nymphoplasty or Labiaplasty

Intimate Surgery: Labiaplasty or Labiaplasty (reduction of the labia minora)

Hyaluronic acids already used in traditional medicine (intra-articular injection) and in aesthetic medicine (treatment of wrinkles) are also used in female intimate surgery to hydrate the genital mucous membranes, modify the vaginal contours and stimulate the G point. This technique is particularly suitable. to postmenopausal women who have an active sex life.

Intimate surgery groups together interventions aimed at improving the female vulva. These interventions increase the self-confidence of many patients. Pubic hair removal has revealed the pubic anatomy because if previously hair removal was reserved for childbirth and surgery, it has become a common practice with an erotic connotation.

Intimate surgery to reduce the labia minora (labia minora)

The reduction of the labia minora (nymphoplasty) is an increasingly frequent request in plastic and cosmetic surgery consultations. It is an intimate surgery of which we must be aware of the handicap it causes in many patients.

The media coverage, in particular, of this type of problem has led many patients to consult. These patients express an aesthetic discomfort accentuated by the evolution of clothing styles (very tight jeans ...) and underwear (thong) but also the comparison with the actresses of porn movies with "juvenile" vulvae. These patients, increasingly younger, experience a real complex, sometimes since adolescence disturbing their love life.

This Nymphoplasty or Labiaplasty is frequent in the Far East where many techniques are used. In Noida, this procedure still has a bad reputation, it is even sometimes not recommended by some doctors.

How's the treatment going ?

The frequent intervention in the USA is performed under local anesthesia. In Noida, the majority of patients prefer to be asleep but there is generally no hospitalization.

The operation lasts 45 minutes and using reconstructive surgery techniques we simply remove the excess skin that exists. The consequences are simple if basic hygiene and prudence are followed.

Intimate aesthetic medicine for women

Recently, the use of hyaluronic acid has also been proposed to reshape the labia minora or the labia majora (when they are withered), to hydrate the mucous membrane in menopausal women or to stimulate the G-spot.