Hymenoplasty Surgery in Kanpur Will he find out I'm not a virgin? It is the worry for most of the women who desire Reconstruction of the Hymen?

A simple procedure to repair torn hymen. Its 20 min procedure done in local anaesthesia and mild sedation. Various techniques of repairs available, depending on amount of hymen remnants. Its 2 layers reconstruction. Either simple repair or any local flap rotation. Self dissolving sutures used which dissolve in 10 to 12 days. Mostly requested by females before marriage. Hospital stay is 3 hours.

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There are several reasons why women request a hymenoplasty procedure. These include:

  • Cultural or religious reasons: In some cultures, a woman is physically inspected to make sure the Hymen is intact (a sign she is a virg!n).
  • As part of the rape, incest, $exual abuse healing process: Some women view this as a way to empower themselves and symbolically restore something that was taken from them.
  • Injury to the hymen prior to marriage: Tampon use, vigorous exercise or $exual interc0urse can cause a hymen to rupture.
  • Revirginization: Women who want to give their partner a unique gift.

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Hymenoplasty is an intervention of intimate surgery that consists in finding an intact hymen and in a completely undetectable way. Hymenoplasty consists of the restoration of the torn hymen.
The hymen is the thin membrane that separates the vagina from the vulva, and it can rupture during the first intercourse.

In some women, the hymen is more or less elastic.
Some are born without a hymen.
The hymen can rupture while playing sports (including horseback riding, cycling and gymnastics).
It happens that some women are sexually assaulted and lose their hymen.
For women whose hymen has ruptured, for one reason or another, and wanting to have an operation, hymenoplasty, resulting from plastic surgery, allows them to regain their bodily integrity.
For many women, too, a hymen reconstruction is a way to permanently erase the after-effects of a relationship that has ended.
Cases exist, some women give birth with an almost intact hymen.
The hymen remains in any case, a very fragile and very random proof of female virginity.
In some conservative societies, the rupture of the hymen, leading to the loss of virginity, can change the future of the young girl concerned.
The recourse to the reconstruction of the hymen before marriage, of a day and even of a few hours, is a last resort to regain one's bodily integrity, and to escape the judgments of others. In all situations, and especially in conservative societies, the woman must justify herself in relation to a ruptured hymen.
She often finds herself alone and helpless.
Hymenoplasty thus represents the means of repairing a ruptured hymen, and a remedy can be beneficial so as not to have to justify itself.


The woman claiming a hymenoplasty, for the reconstruction of the hymen, should consult a gynecologist.
This consultation is important, because, by opening up to her doctor, the woman gets rid of a great weight.
The gynecologist must listen to the motivations of the patient, carry out an examination and prescribe, if necessary, medical check-ups.
This interview will allow the patient to be taken care of by her gynecologist.
She will give her the listening and the comfort she needs.
Especially since all the women who consult for a hymenoplasty, want to be sure that the reconstruction will not be detected.


The hymenoplasty operation is performed under local anesthesia, without hospitalization, and lasts about 30 minutes.
The surgeon uses the parts of the torn hymen by incising them in their middle part, to join them.
In case the remains of the hymen are insufficient, he takes a sample from the mucous membranes nearby, in order to reconstitute a solid membrane.
The surgeon then sutures with an absorbable thread.
There are two types of interventions for the reconstruction of the hymen:
- a final reconstruction (hymenoplasty)
- a provisional reconstruction (hymenorrhaphy)
The hymenorrhaphy can be provided by a gynecologist.
The procedure involves passing a thread through the hymen, creating an annular hymen with a central opening.
The surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia. The final reconstruction of the hymen also consists, in certain hymenoplasties, in reproducing the hymen by forming a thin membrane at the entrance to the vagina by sutures.


The absorbable suture disappears after 10 to 15 days.
The scar is hidden in the folds of the hymen.
It is totally invisible.
It is advisable for a month to avoid too physical activities, as well as the sauna.
The patient may experience mild pain.
The return to normal life is rapid, and usually takes 24 hours.
Light bleeding is possible for 7 to 10 days after the procedure.
The result of the hymenoplasty is immediate and lasts until the next sexual intercourse.
Some cosmetic surgeons claim that reconstruction is undetectable, even with a gynecological examination before a wedding.
When the hymen breaks, blood loss is not systematic.
However, even in the absence of bleeding, the man will feel resistance at the time of penetration.
Some young women, to increase the likelihood of bleeding, do not hesitate to have an operation a few days before the wedding, so that the unhealed wound bleeds during intercourse.

In some cases, if not often, but in all cases, depending on the mores and customs of societies, a woman's virginity remains a crucial issue.
The rupture of the hymen is not simply an anatomical fact, but a cultural phenomenon linked to taboos.
Thus, the hymen intervenes as a determining element in the bodily integrity of the woman.
Hymenoplasty, intervention, under intimate surgery, does not represent less, an intervention of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Carried out as part of body travel, it benefits from the best conditions for success. The “all-inclusive” formula offers, in fact, a reassuring setting at the lowest cost, in addition to personalized support and intermediate transfers.