Hymenoplasty Surgery in Gurgaon Will he find out I'm not a virgin? It is the worry for most of the women who desire Reconstruction of the Hymen?

A simple procedure to repair torn hymen. Its 20 min procedure done in local anaesthesia and mild sedation. Various techniques of repairs available, depending on amount of hymen remnants. Its 2 layers reconstruction. Either simple repair or any local flap rotation. Self dissolving sutures used which dissolve in 10 to 12 days. Mostly requested by females before marriage. Hospital stay is 3 hours.

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There are several reasons why women request a hymenoplasty procedure. These include:

  • Cultural or religious reasons: In some cultures, a woman is physically inspected to make sure the Hymen is intact (a sign she is a virg!n).
  • As part of the rape, incest, $exual abuse healing process: Some women view this as a way to empower themselves and symbolically restore something that was taken from them.
  • Injury to the hymen prior to marriage: Tampon use, vigorous exercise or $exual interc0urse can cause a hymen to rupture.
  • Revirginization: Women who want to give their partner a unique gift.

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Hymenoplasty and hymen reconstruction in Gurgaon


You want to regain your virginity for cultural reasons or just out of personal desire.
Are you considering rebuilding your hymen permanently?
If you are looking for an experienced surgeon in the field, trust the skills of the experienced medical team in Gurgaon of Professional Aesthetic Surgery , who will be able to support you and listen. to reassure you.

What you should know about hymenoplasty surgery in Gurgaon:

Hymenoplasty: For what reason?

This aesthetic intervention allows women to rebuild their hymen. While some seek it before their marriage, others see it as a way to rebuild psychologically after a painful romantic relationship or following a sexual assault.
hymenoplasty is done under local anesthesia. It is performed on an outpatient basis (entry and exit on the same day). It lasts about a 1 / 2h.
During this intimate surgical procedure , the plastic surgeon incises the torn parts of the hymen, then he recomposes the hymen by joining the remaining parts. If the remains of the hymen are not sufficient, he takes a sample from the surrounding mucous membranes to be able to reconstitute a solid membrane.

How is a hymenoplasty procedure performed?

What are the prices for a hymenoplasty in Gurgaon?

Known by the skills of its plastic surgeons, Gurgaon is nowadays one of the favorite destinations for patients wishing to perform aesthetic procedures in terms of privacy surgery.
In addition, the flat rate for an all-inclusive stay at our establishment in Gurgaon is the factor that most attracts patients.
At Pro cosmetic surgery, a complete all-inclusive stay for a cosmetic hymenoplasty intervention costs an average of 1000 €.
Obviously, you have the right to be accompanied by another person to reassure you and take care of yourself after the operation.
For more information, request your quote now.

Are there any pains? And what about the scars?

The scar which is hidden in the folds of the hymen is completely invisible. The suture is done with an absorbable thread which disappears on its own after 10 to 15 days. As for the pains, they are very light and are generally calmed by light painkillers.
To promote healing, the patient should avoid having sexual intercourse, too physical activities, sauna, tobacco consumption and swimming for at least 1 month are also to be avoided.

What results can we expect?

The result of a hymenoplasty is imminent and lasts until the next intercourse. It is undetectable even in the event of a gynecological examination. If the rupture of the hymen does not consistently produce bleeding, the partner will feel resistance at the time of penetration.

In addition, it is important to know that a hymenoplasty intervention can cause a hematoma, a vaginal infection or local sensory disorders.
It is for this reason, if you want to avoid side effects, it is important to call in an experienced cosmetic surgeon and follow the recommendations and advice of the medical team at your disposal.


The Hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction is part of interventions intimate surgery for which demand is growing.

The principle of this intervention is the restoration of the hymen , the tearing of which typically occurs after intercourse . This surgery responds to the need of some women to regain their virginity ; these women can find themselves in a psychologically difficult situation, where psychological support, presence and availability are essential in addition to the surgical procedure .

Very variable from one woman to another, the hymen is a thin perforated membrane found at the entrance to the vagina . In many cultural or religious ideologies, the presence of the hymen is a sign of virginity, while we now know that some virgins do not have a hymen .

If a hymen is present, it will rupture during the first intercourse, which can lead to bleeding. Note however that the occurrence of bleeding during the first intercourse is not systematic.

Certain non-sexual situations can be the cause of a rupture of the hymen, such as riding a horse, splits, a fall, the introduction of an unsuitable tampon ...

The decision to reconstruct the hymen is a patient's own choice. It is important to specify in this context that your surgeon is bound by medical confidentiality with your family or your future husband; no information contained in your medical file will therefore be disclosed to anyone other than you.

If a hymen is present, it will rupture during the first intercourse , which can lead to bleeding . Note however that the occurrence of bleeding during the first intercourse is not systematic .

Certain non-sexual situations can be the cause of a rupture of the hymen, such as riding a horse, splits, a fall, the introduction of an unsuitable tampon ...

In other cases, it is after unwanted intercourse that the rupture of the hymen occurs.


You will find all the general information valid for any plastic and aesthetic surgery intervention on this dedicated page .

A first consultation appointment is necessary to check the feasibility of the procedure and the absence of contraindications.

Two preoperative consultations with a reflection period of 15 days are necessary.

An estimate as well as an informed consent will be signed.

Hymenoplasty can be reimbursed by social security in certain situations. However, when it comes to personal convenience, no care can be taken.

When the intervention is not covered, it is considered an act of cosmetic surgery and is entirely the responsibility of the patient.

An anesthesia consultation is mandatory.

Hospitalization takes place in a clinic, on an outpatient basis, that is to say with a discharge the evening of the operation.

The intervention is most often performed under general anesthesia, but can take place under local anesthesia according to the patient's wishes.

The consequences of the operation are not very painful, possibly marked by the occurrence of losses.

The result of the hymenoplasty is immediate. Scarring is considered complete after one month, with no visible scars .

You should not try to visually check, in the absence of your surgeon, the result because of the risk of loose sutures .

Regular follow-up in consultation will then be planned.