Hymenoplasty Surgery in Ahmedabad Will he find out I'm not a virgin? It is the worry for most of the women who desire Reconstruction of the Hymen?

A simple procedure to repair torn hymen. Its 20 min procedure done in local anaesthesia and mild sedation. Various techniques of repairs available, depending on amount of hymen remnants. Its 2 layers reconstruction. Either simple repair or any local flap rotation. Self dissolving sutures used which dissolve in 10 to 12 days. Mostly requested by females before marriage. Hospital stay is 3 hours.

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There are several reasons why women request a hymenoplasty procedure. These include:

  • Cultural or religious reasons: In some cultures, a woman is physically inspected to make sure the Hymen is intact (a sign she is a virg!n).
  • As part of the rape, incest, $exual abuse healing process: Some women view this as a way to empower themselves and symbolically restore something that was taken from them.
  • Injury to the hymen prior to marriage: Tampon use, vigorous exercise or $exual interc0urse can cause a hymen to rupture.
  • Revirginization: Women who want to give their partner a unique gift.

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The hymenoplasty is the act of reconstructing the hymen for cultural or social reasons, the hymen is a thin membrane that partially closes the vagina and which in principle is broken only when the first report sexual.

However, it happens that certain sports such as horse riding, gymnastics or even horse riding can weaken the hymen causing it to rupture without there having been any sexual intercourse.

In several cultures, it is important that virginity is intact before marriage, the purpose of hymenoplasty is therefore to rebuild virginity following excessive sports practice or sexual assault.

Whether it is therefore for religious or psychological reasons (rebuilding yourself after a rape for example), hymenoplasty is the solution to restore your virginity, both moral and physical.

Note that like any medical act, professional secrecy is essential and that your file remains confidential.

The Feminity Clinic office in Belgium does everything to ensure that your operation takes place in the best conditions.



The hymenoplasty or hyménorraphie is reconstruction or surgical repair of the hymen of women to restore it to pristine condition with no visible traces.

The hymen is a ring like a skin membrane in a young girl's vagina and its rupture signifies the end of her state of virginity.

Virginity is a precious commodity in many countries around the world. The honor of a young girl, her family and even her community depends on her hymen remaining intact before marriage. And her breakup followed by some bleeding is proof of her virginity. Otherwise, it is considered improper and sinful. There are several races and communities for whom virginity is a precious good, lost only through marriage and the sexual act afterwards.

This operation can be performed after months or years after the loss of a woman's virginity.

The goal of this cosmetic surgery is to restore your self-confidence and bring happiness back to your life.

In practice

  • Procedure: restore the anatomy of the hymen by suturing or by vaginoplasty.
  • Duration of hospitalization: outpatient
  • Anesthesia: local with sedation or general
  • Operative time: 1 hour
  • Duration of hospitalization: outpatient
  • Convalescence: 4 days
  • Stay: 4 days.

Hymenoplasty - Hymen surgery

The function of this surgery is to recreate the hymen, which is a thin, non-tight membrane located 1 or 2 cm from the entrance to the vagina.

This hymenoplasty, performed by Doctor Thierry Aboudaram, cosmetic surgeon in Paris, specialist in intimate surgery, will allow reconstruction of the hymen.
This cosmetic surgeon, specialist in hymenoplasty, will explain all the benefits, consequences, and possible risks of intimate hymen surgery.

Dr Thierry Aboudaram performs this procedure very precisely with the most recent techniques.

Questions about hymenoplasty to Doctor Thierry Aboudaram, Cosmetic Surgeon in Paris:

What does the intervention consist of?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia or neuroleptanalgesia.

It lasts an average of 40 minutes.

There are 2 different techniques.

The easiest way is to use the remains of the hymen to repair it. The tissue is slightly incised and resutured with very fine internal absorbable threads.

The other solution is to make a small flap of mucosa, if there are no usable hymen remains. The intervention is then a little longer.

The suture is done with rapidly absorbing threads which disappear in about 15 days.

What is the indication for surgery, when is it done?

The hymen is a fragile structure and above all very variable in each woman. Sometimes the simple practice of certain sports (cycling, horse riding, dancing…) or the use of sanitary tampons, could damage or even rupture the hymen insensibly.

Each woman has her personal history, her family or religious traditions which may be imposed on her. Sometimes after an unhappy sentimental story, an assault… the patient will wish to benefit from a repair of her hymen as a physical or psychological cure. Sometimes the need for bleeding on the wedding night is necessary for a future harmonious couple life ...

Can the future partner or a doctor realize this?

No, this surgery is extremely discreet. There is no residual scar. It should be noted that the certificate of virginity cannot be legally established by a doctor.
The first new report will cause a little bleeding as during the initial defloration.

How long should I wait between the intervention and the first report?

The minimum period is two weeks to allow time for healing.

Some patients prefer to have the operation about a fortnight before the scheduled report, to be sure of bleeding.

What is the type of hospitalization?

As the operation only lasts around 40 minutes, hospitalization takes place as part of outpatient surgery (entry and exit on the same day).

Is hymenoplasty a painful intervention and what are the operative consequences?

A sensation of discomfort will be felt but without real pain, especially if the gesture consisted simply in stitching up the remains of the hymen.

The operative consequences are simple. It suffices to disinfect lightly with a suitable mild antiseptic. A usual analgesic (Paracetamol) will be prescribed.

Can this intervention be covered by social security?

No, this intervention is not supported.
The costs of the clinic and the fees of the anesthesia and the surgeon are the responsibility of the patient.