Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery in Mumbai



The intimate surgery is indicated to solve various problems affecting the female genital area, rejuvenating and beautifying the external genitalia.

The reshaping of the female external genitalia by the plastic surgeon improves their appearance. Also benefits are obtained for self-esteem and relationships.

It also corrects functional problems associated, for example, with large labia minora, such as discomfort related to the use of certain clothing items and in the practice of sports.

  •   Anesthesia: Local and sedation or epidural
  •   Duration: 1 hour
  •   Hospitalization: Not required
  •   Recovery: 5-7 days
  •   Point withdrawal: Not required
  •   Results: 15 days
  •   Special cares: Avoid sexual intercourse for 1 month

Who can undergo female intimate surgery?

In general, it is indicated in healthy women with alterations of the external genital apparatus caused by abnormal development of the same, by aging, hormonal alterations, loss or gain of weight or aftermath of childbirth.

What does the intervention consist of?

These interventions are performed under local anesthesia and sedation, or spinal, or epidural anesthesia. The approximate duration is one hour. They do not require hospital admission. There are different types of interventions:

  • Labiaplasty or nymphoplasty: reshaping of excessively large or asymmetric labia minora.
  • Clitoroplasty: reduction of the clitoris, frequently associated with labiaplasty, to achieve a ratio between the labia minora and the clitoris.
  • Vaginoplasty: vaginal reduction or narrowing.
  • Surgery of the monspubis: liposuction and pubic lift to reduce excess fat and sagging pubis.
  • Hymenoplasty: reconstruction of the hymen, usually for cultural or religious reasons.

Several of the above techniques can be combined in the same surgical act.

Preoperative of intimate surgery

In a first consultation, a clinical history of the patient is made, as well as an examination of the external genitalia. The most appropriate technique for her case is explained to the woman and her expectations are taken into account.

Before surgery, a preoperative study and a consultation with the Anesthesia service are requested.

Postoperative care of intimate surgery

  • The convalescence period usually lasts 5-7 days.
  • Sutures are spontaneously reabsorbed.
  • You should wait about 1 month to resume sexual intercourse.

Gynecosesthetics: intimate cosmetic surgery is incorporated into bikini operation

The aesthetic treatment of the female organs can also improve sexual functionality

There are a series of surgical procedures in intimate surgery that solve functional or aesthetic problems of the female genital region. Congenital or hereditary reasons, or due to later acquired problems, are some reasons why the vagina may have an appearance with which the woman does not feel comfortable and that can be alleviated with some intimate surgery techniques.

Throughout the development of the woman or with the passage of time, in some cases certain asymmetries or an unnatural growth of the lips can be appreciated, causing aesthetic or even functional problems that hinder some facets of the day to day. Intimate surgery solves these problems in the female genital area with very satisfactory results .

  • Labiaplasty - reconstruction of the labia minora
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Hymen reconstruction

Genital intimate surgeries improve the appearance and functionality of the intimate area.

The intimate surgery , is a set of plastic or aesthetic interventions carried out in the genital area.

Currently, thanks to the continuous training of our surgeons and the latest technology in operating room equipment that our clinic has , they have allowed us to evolve to the point of performing intimate surgeries with local anesthesia, without hospital admission and obtaining satisfactory results for our patients.

It is thought that female intimate surgery is limited when the woman suffers from incontinence, has had several deliveries and has deteriorated her perineum, leaving flaccid tissues and without muscle tone, but it is a mistake to think that, because apart from solving physical and functional problems It also helps to improve the physical appearance that are very influential in the perception that we have of our own body.

Some of the most demanded female intimate surgeries  by our patients are:

* Hymenoplasty : it is a surgical technique that consists of reconstructing the hymen, whose social value lies in guaranteeing female virginity.

* Labiaplasty : it is a surgical intervention designed to reconstruct or modify the appearance of the genital lips. It is an aesthetic and functional procedure.

When you go to our intimate surgery consultation in Mumbai with our specialist, he will offer you all the information you need and will explain the surgery in detail so that you know what it consists of and the expectations that must be had before entering the operating room.

Lack of vaginal tone and change in the size of the labia majora and minora, which are of the greatest concern to patients, according to experts at our clinic.

Although it is not seen, it shows. A mons pubis with excess fat, the sagging of the labia minora or the increase of the labia majora of the vagina can be seen in swimwear and what to say about those who practice nudism.

All the cases mentioned are corrected without any problem in simple procedures that require little recovery time. This is explained by the surgeon at Mumbai Clinic, for whom these reasons and the gradual elimination of taboos related to the sexual organs have placed gynecosesthetics between fifth and sixth place in the demand for operations in this sector.

According to the doctor, the woman is not only less afraid of these issues, but is also more informed and knows the treatments available to her. Hence, the female genital organs have begun to undergo their aesthetic revision every spring, or, what is the same, have been incorporated into Operation Bikini.

Intimate cosmetic surgery of the vulvar lips (labiaplasty) in Seville

It is possible that you have a problem that you have not told anyone, perhaps because you fear that the people close to your life will not understand it, that they do not give it importance, or because you are ashamed to talk about these issues.

And yet it worries you and makes you feel uncomfortable.

I am referring to the appearance of your genital area, and specifically of the labia minora of the vulva (the folds of skin on both sides of the entrance to the vagina), in terms of their size and shape: if they are large , so that they appear and hang outside the labia majora, or else asymmetrical , very different from each other.

Perhaps it bothers you because tight clothing rubs them, or when riding a bike or horseback.

Or it inhibits you when it comes to being with your partner , because you think that he is going to fixate and feel less attracted to you (even if he has not shown any signs of it at all).

Maybe you have told your gynecologist , as many patients of mine do. But, of course, it is not a disease, so he / she has told you that nothing is wrong, and that's it. That you don't have to do anything with it. But you are still unhappy.

But can it be fixed? The good news is that yes, and very simple, too. There is an operation, called  vulvar labiaplasty , or more technically nymph , which consists of reducing the size of these lips, removing the excess skin, to leave them the same and inside the labia majora, which is where they should be.

It can happen that you get skin not only on the labia minora, but also on the hood of the clitoris , a fold of skin that covers it above.

No problem: you can also remove the excess skin from that area, and, very important:  without affecting the sensitivity of this delicate organ at all. In any case, sexual enjoyment often improves, without the barrier of so much covering skin.

This operation, which can be performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia and sedation , is increasingly in demand , as women with this problem are hearing in the media and are learning that this solution exists.

Other interventions that women often request for the intimate area are  liposuction of the pubis , if it is bulging, and, less frequently, filling by  fat grafting in the mons pubis  or in the labia majora , if this occurs. On the contrary, that is, they are empty of content.

In addition, many women take advantage of the advantages offered by the   Medical Center , my clinic  in Seville, to undergo a comprehensive treatment of the intimate area, including  laser hair removal  of the groin, whether  bikini ,  Brazilian  or  total .

Ask me about integrated treatments, if you are interested in some of them.

You can obtain information about labiaplasty or other female intimate surgery interventions at my clinic in mumbai. Do not hesitate to ask me for a price and ask me about financing facilities.

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