Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery in Lucknow



On certain occasions, the external genitalia may present asymmetries or excess size , which can cause from discomfort to insecurity in the intimate life of the patient. The most common is a hypertrophy of the labia minora . Sometimes the labia minora are excessive in size , exposed to the outside, taking on a dark color and rough touch. It can generate from hygiene problems, discomfort when maintaining relationships or physical activity or that it is unsightly with underwear.

Large lips may also appear due to excess fat. Or the opposite, that they barely have volume and the area remains “empty”. The excess fat in the mons pubis tends to make patients uncomfortable since with tight clothing that area tends to be too noticeable.

How is the surgery? Types of scars

In the reduction of the labia minora , the excess of the labia minora is removed, so that they remain inside the labia majora, preventing them from being exposed to the outside .  It is performed under local anesthesia and sedation, the duration is usually about 30 minutes . It is not necessary to spend the night, after surgery and spend an hour in the recovery area, you will be discharged a few hours after surgery .

The stitches are absorbable, so that it is usually not necessary to remove stitches, to avoid discomfort , since it is a very sensitive and delicate area. The scar is hardly visible , since it is just on the edge of the lower lip. The first days it is usual for it to become inflamed, little by little it will improve. The patient must maintain a certain amount of rest and thorough hygiene , washing the area and keeping it dry.

In the reduction of the labia majora or the mons pubis , a liposuction of this area can be performed to eliminate excess fat, improving its aesthetics . It is done under local anesthesia and sedation . It is not necessary to spend the night, a few hours after the surgery the patient is discharged home.

How do I know if I can have surgery? How is the consultation?

First of all, you should go to the consultation, so that Doctor can evaluate your case in a personalized way . In this consultation , the characteristics of your genital area will be assessed : morphology, type of labia majora and minora, degree of excess skin and / or fat… we will explain it to you in maximum detail. We always offer an individual and personalized treatment .

On the other hand, we will make a medical history evaluating your medical history, previous surgeries, current illnesses, pharmacological treatment. Before surgery, you will undergo a preoperative that consists of an electrocardiogram and a complete analysis. In case you need any other test or report from another specialist (because you have some type of disease) it will be required.

With all this, we ensure your health and that you meet all the requirements to operate as safely as possible . For us the most important thing is you.

How is the postoperative process?

In labia minora reduction, the patient is discharged the same day as the surgery . It is very important that you maintain thorough genital hygiene, washing with genital gel every time you go to the toilet, or in case of excess flow. It is important that the area is clean and dry. The cures will be explained in detail upon discharge . You must maintain some rest , since being a delicate area, an effort or movement can damage the surgery. And wearing tight underwear. Despite this, the recovery is very fast .

Stitches do not normally have to be removed, as they are absorbable and usually fall off on their own. The first days the area will be inflamed, and it may become slightly purple. From the first week the improvement is considerable . It is not recommended to exert yourself, do physical exercise or maintain relationships during the first 3-4 weeks.

In the volume reduction of the labia majora or mons pubis, the patient after being discharged the same day , usually presents inflammation of the area and slight bruises. Being a liposuction incorporation into normal life is very fast . After 2-3 days the patient will be leading a normal life. Hygiene will do it normally. Exercise or effort from the week of surgery. Throughout the postoperative period , you will have individualized supervision and attention , both in the multiple check-ups and through our patient care phone, to solve any type of doubt.

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