Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery in Jaipur



Today we will talk about what the recovery of a female intimate surgery is like . This type of intervention is gradually becoming more common and is no longer taboo. From the Aesthetic Surgery clinic, we tell you how to avoid complications after the operation.

Correcting problems in the intimate area

The reasons why a woman undergoes intimate surgery are diverse. Some do it for aesthetics, to improve the appearance of the area. Others want to correct functional problems that have appeared over time.

Age, childbirth, the accumulation of fat in the area, among other factors affect the appearance and functionality of the genitals. Women can lose confidence in themselves because of this. There are also cases in which sexual relations are not satisfactory or are uncomfortable.

For this reason these interventions appear as an alternative. There are several types of intimate surgery , but they have in common that they are simple to perform. They are ambulatory and quick recovery.

Women who have female intimate surgery return to normal life in about two weeks. Although for some activities, such as penetrative sex, they must wait a month or until the healing process is complete.

Most frequent female genital surgeries

The genital surgeries that women request are the following:

  • Vaginoplasty . It is known as vaginal rejuvenation and is done to restore the tone and firmness of the vaginal walls.
  • Nymphoplasty . This is known as labiaplasty in Albacete and it is done when women have too large labia minora. There is also the correction of the labia majora; in this case, it is sought to increase its volume due to sagging.
  • Clitoroplasty . It consists of correcting the clitoral hood when it is very large and causes pain.
  • Hymentplasty . Hymen reconstruction is the most complicated surgery, especially if there are no remains of the membrane.
  • Mount venus liposuction . It is done to eliminate accumulated fat in the area.

Preoperative care

To achieve the best results, you not only have to worry about how it is to recover from a female intimate surgery. Proper measures must be taken before undergoing the operation. The doctor will be in charge of giving you all the necessary indications.

Generally speaking, preoperative care is not very different from what you should have for any other surgery. These will allow the recovery to be more successful.

Before intimate surgery you should not smoke and drink alcohol for several weeks. Likewise, aspirin must be avoided.

On the other hand, cleaning the genital area is essential during the previous days.

Follow any other recommendations your doctor gives you.

How is the recovery of a female intimate surgery

Here we answer the most frequent doubts that patients who undergo this type of surgery have.

How long does recovery take?

If you follow the surgeon's instructions, the postoperative period of intimate surgery will be quick and without problems. The minimum time you should wait to return to your routine activities is between one week and ten days. This includes going back to work.

There are activities, however, that will require more time before you can do them. For example, to exercise and bathe in the pool or the beach you must wait at least a month.
post operative intimate surgery

What kind of clothes can I wear?

The area of the operation is delicate and you should be careful with the clothes you wear. Not only to avoid hurting the area, but so that it is not contaminated by the transmission of bacteria.

So it is best to wear loose pants from the moment of surgery and while the healing process lasts. After this you can start wearing your normal clothes again.

How long should I wait to have sex?

A very frequent question among patients who undergo intimate surgery has to do with intimacy. After the operation it is necessary to avoid sexual contact for a long time.

The minimum time indicated to have penetrative sex is one month or while healing lasts. However, it will be the surgeon who will tell you exactly when you can resume your sexual life.

How is hygiene during recovery from intimate cosmetic surgery?

Maintaining proper hygiene habits is essential to achieve a full recovery after surgery. It is important to avoid the transmission of any type of bacteria while the intimate area heals. Therefore, the first recommendation is to wash your hands before and after having contact with the genitals.

You must bathe and wash the operated area every day, very carefully. The water you use should be warm or at room temperature, so it will be more comfortable.

Ask your doctor which products are the most recommended to wash the area. It is likely that he will tell you to buy soaps with a neutral pH, since those in common use can irritate you. The doctor will also explain the most appropriate technique to clean and wash the area.

Another tip includes not taking baths in the tub for at least three weeks.

Tips to keep the intimate area clean

These tips will help you complement your hygiene routine to keep the genital area clean:

  • Use a mixture of soap and water to rinse the area after urinating or having a bowel movement.
  • Dry the genitals from front to back without rubbing.
  • Clean the suture threads twice a day.
  • Keep the area as dry as possible.

It is recommended that you buy a sprayer to clean the operated area.

Will it be painful to urinate?

You will have no problem urinating. It won't be painful, but you may feel itchy. In those cases where a complex operation is done, a probe is placed that is removed after a few hours.

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