Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery in Aurangabad



What are the motivations behind 'aesthetic gynecology'?

"This increase in the demand for intimate surgery may respond to several reasons," says the specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

The first and most important is the fashion of comprehensive hair removal, which reveals the entire anatomy. This makes the labia minora more visible and leads women to want to reduce them.

Second, the fact that society is less conservative every time, and they can already ask openly about their genitals without any shame or embarrassment.

And finally, the easy access to pornography on the Internet, where the genitals are completely shaved and with small labia minora, causes these women to serve as models for a certain audience, adds the expert.

Before they were treatments for atrophy or to reconstruct postpartum defects; While today it is not only sought to improve comfort, quality of life and sexual relations, but also the self-esteem and image of women.

What are the most demanding interventions?

According to experts, the most popular intimate surgeries are:

The labiaplasty, which involves making smaller labia minora of the vulva.

The himenoplasti to to reconstruct the hymen surgery which is defendant in different cultures, such as the gypsy and Arabic.

The liposuction of the mons pubis, whose objective is to eliminate excess fat that sometimes accumulates on the pubis.

The vaginoplasty , used for tightening the tissues of the vagina, especially in women after childbirth.

The application of hyaluronic acid, which increases the trophism and elasticity of the vaginal mucosa. It is in high demand in the postmenopausal stage.

Botulinum toxin or Botox is used for chronic pelvic pain and as part of postpartum recovery.

Other less frequent: augmentation of the labia majora by fat autograft or lipofilling and anal bleaching.

"The most common complications are, as in all surgeries, infection or bleeding, but we take the necessary measures to minimize them," says Dcotor.

Age of women requesting these operations

In Doctors words, “the profile is women between 20 and 50 years old”. However, there is a very wide age range, ranging from young women to postmenopausal women and explains that "not only in the reproductive stage, but also in menopause, there is much more demand for vulvovaginal aesthetic treatments".

In which cases are they indicated for gynecological problems?

According to the specialist, “although the reasons for intimate surgeries are usually simply cosmetic , there may also be a more medical or restorative reason, as in the case of labiaplasties of significant hypertrophy of the labia minora due to discomfort during sexual intercourse , during sports or when wearing tight clothing.

Specifically, the surgeon quotes, postpartum is a fundamental stage in vaginal cosmetics. In addition, these interventions are indicated "for premenopausal dermatological diseases (lichen and lesions with dry mucosa) and vulvar or vaginal malformations (when there is great asymmetry of the lips).

Are there requirements to undergo these surgeries?

Of course, "before any cosmetic surgery you have to be in an optimal state of health , without any active disease", recalls the Doctor.

Doctor concludes that "it is not necessary to meet any requirement beyond the preoperative protocols of other surgeries, because they are interventions with low morbidity, with rapid recovery, and most without hospital admission."

Regarding the psychological aspect, Doctor specifies, a test is not necessary, but the plastic surgeon will normally be in charge of distinguishing between surgeries for a relatively objective problem or a possible improvement within not running risks to health. "In the event that the patient presents dysmorphophobia, it would be necessary to refer her to a consultation with the specialist and, of course, not perform the surgery.

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