Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery in Bhopal

This procedure, also called a hoodectomy or clitoral unhooding, is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of the clitoral hood by removing excess tissue. The procedure is usually performed alongside a labiaplasty, which reduces the size of the labia minora. Recovery time varies from person to person.

This procedure can be done for various reasons, but is typically done to enhance stimulation during sexual activity or reduce excess skin that causes discomfort while exercising or wearing certain clothing.

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Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery Cost in Bhopal

The cost of surgery varies based on the complexity, the expertise of the doctor and whether it is performed under local or general anesthesia. The surgeon will provide you the details of the total cost of the surgery including facility fees, anesthesia expenses, surgeon's fees, and schedule pre- and post-surgical appointments. During consultation, Doctor will discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

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To Whom This Action Is Addressed:

It may happen that the hood that covers the clitoris is abnormally developed and prevents the discovery of this organ at the desired time. This peculiarity, often familial, can be easily corrected.

It should be noted that 2/3 of women naturally have the clitoral hood interposed between the labia majora. The other third have the labia majora affixed next to each other.


It is a reduction of the clitoral hood, a highly sensitive organ protected by this excessively developed skin fold. The reduction of the hood must be done in a measured way to respect its function of protecting the clitoral glans to then make it invisible at rest through the labia majora, in particular after waxing.



This involves removing a triangle of mucosa and then repairing harmoniously to still allow normal clitoral protection.

For some people, clitoral hood reduction surgery may be associated with a reduction in the labia minora when the labia protrudes beyond the gap between the labia majora.

In other cases, reshaping the labia majora either with the fat of the same person (lipomodelling) or with hyaluronic acid, can also be proposed simultaneously with the reduction of the clitoral hood to harmonize the vulvar aspect with an invisible clitoral hood. through the labia majora.

Useful information

Two consultations with your surgeon will be necessary to inform you and take stock of the benefits, risks and side effects of the intervention. A preoperative blood test will be prescribed. The consultation with the anesthetist will be organized to be seen in consultation at the latest 48 hours before the operation.

Ideally, the surgery date should be chosen just after the menstruation and in some cases stopping oral contraception may be required, especially in the event of associated risk factors (obesity, poor venous condition, coagulation disorders).

All of this can be done in day hospitalization or outpatient surgery. Depending on the type of activity carried out and your profession, a work stoppage is most often not necessary. It is advisable to wait two to three weeks to resume physical activity.



General or local anesthesia with neuroleptanalgesia (under deep sedation).


They are usually very simple. The healing, a little uncomfortable in the post-operative period but practically painless, requires only simple analgesics and takes about eight days.

Immediately after surgery, an oily and voluminous bandage on the scars will provide the necessary comfort and protection.

As the normal inflammation subsides, the dressing may gradually lighten.

Personal hygiene is practiced daily using a physiological serum and an antiseptic.

Wearing cotton underwear is strongly recommended as well as loose, comfortable clothing.

The sutures will resolve on their own, usually within eight to twelve days.

Two to three more weeks are desirable before resuming smooth intercourse.


The results of clitoral hood reduction surgery are permanent. The goal of this surgery is to improve, not to achieve perfection. Often the level of patient satisfaction is very high with an increase in image and self-confidence.


Although rare and easily curable, the delay in healing and disunity of the suture edges is often a consequence of smoking.

Clitoral sysesthesias (abnormal sensitivity of the region) are most of the time transient and very often reversible.


The clitoral reduction plasty itself is for women who haveĀ  clitoral enlargement and who have not been able to benefit from medical treatment . The goal of this intervention is to reduce the excessive dimensions of the clitoris while preserving its sensitivity as much as possible. The reduction of the clitoral hood is part of the gestures sometimes necessary during this procedure.

More commonly during a woman's life, the vulva undergoes morphological changes: development during puberty, childbirth then menopause.

Often to harmonize the appearance of the vulva in addition to correcting the size of the clitoral hood, it is possible to reduce the labia minora, reshaping it by adding volume to the labia majora or by transferring fat from the same person (lipomodelling) or by volumetry with specific hyaluronic acid type Desirial PlusĀ®.

A reduction of the vaginal open bite by a vaginoplasty, a revitalization of the mucosa in the introitus by micro-graft transfer (Nanofat), a repair or enlargement hymenoplasty , the correction of an excess of volume at the level of the mount of venus , or the correction of hyperpigmentation of the genital area by peeling can be proposed and carried out at the same time.

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