What are liver tumors?  Discover all the details

Learn all about liver tumors from the hand of Dr. Carlos Millán, prominent hepatobiliary surgeon and member of top doctors. There are benign and malignant tumors in the liver. In benign tumors, people are born with these tumors, other benign tumors are linked to oral contraception allowing them to continue increasing in size; malignant tumors are caused by liver diseases such as cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, liver failure. Liver tumors do not produce symptoms until the tumor increases in size, in most patients who suffer from this they are usually diagnosed when the tumors are found in various studies. The studies that help to locate them are ultrasound, tomography or an MRI focused on the liver. The type of treatment requires that the specialist has made a diagnosis and the procedure to be used. What will you find in the video? 0:13 What types of tumors exist in the liver? 01:24 What is the cause of these liver tumors? 02:22 What are the symptoms of these tumors? / How can we detect these tumors in the liver? 03:40 What treatments are there for these liver tumors? To find the best doctors specializing in liver tumors visit: Subscribe to the channel: We are on facebook: Follow us on twitter: Visit top doctors:.

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