The drama of the grandparents who fought because they did not separate them after 60 years together

Hello! ♥ Subscribe to follow all our videos. Here I will share real, interesting, shocking and unusual stories. I invite you to be part of this Family ♥ ♥ And blessings for your life! MORE STORIES They die the same day holding hands after staying together for 65 years When he was born 😲 I was so surprised that I could hardly speak he had a huge golf ball in his nose La The limbless mother who fought alone to raise She cries for her son😭 her tragic loss💔 She tells all the women how her baby lost all his limbs due to a lethal infection I can’t wake up mommy😢– A 3-year-old boy spends several days with his mother’s body😭 Happy Mommy’s birthday😭 ”A boy kisses his mother’s picture😥 at her funeral without understanding what is happening😞 My husband does not work😭 to take care of the baby😔 and this is moneyHe was born sick due to poor care😢 After 75 years of marriage , 💙 they went to the afterlife in each other’s ❤️ arms brazos The dramatic story😢 of the woman who died 10 days😭 after giving birth💔 to her triplets😞 Collapses😳 in the bathroom 7 weeks after giving birth to light😞 because of an infection in her placenta😓 I can’t wake up mommy😢– A 3-year-old boy remains He spent several days with his mother’s body😭 His baby died😭 because his cancer-sick doctor delayed the cesarean one day😥 At 21, he takes care of the upbringing of his 5 younger siblings after losing their parents Shocking Story He dies during the funeral of her beloved husband after 64 years without leaving her side. He talks to his lover💔 and his wife listens to everything from the inside of his car fotograf She is photographed mockingly at her grandmother’s funeral and 10 months later occupies the same place This poor baby was found at a bus stop, without clothes and with the umbilical cord. He is 50 years old who looks like a 5 year old boy. Although he has no arms or feet, he takes great care of his 105 year old mother. These conjoined twins are preparing for separation surgery, of which only one would make it out alive. They successfully separate Siamese twins joined by the abdomen, but continue to huddle together A woman dies of negligence after cosmetic surgery and the doctor bribes the Married family for 20 years, discovers that he was always sterile and that his 3 children are from another A At the age of 22, she has undergone 15 cosmetic surgeries to increase the size of her lips. She has surgery to increase her breasts and ends up in a coma due to medical negligence. After 15 years searching for her daughter, they finally found her body buried near her home. He digs the grave of his deceased daughter and finds a baby buried alive in a jar They die the same day holding hands after staying together for 65 years He hid the work he did for years so that his daughters could go to college A woman dies by negligence after cosmetic surgery and the doctor bribes the family He learns that his wife, son and mother-in-law die tragically by reading the news When she was 20 months old, a tragedy left her orphaned and without legs and now she tells her story She dies after get breasts and claim payment for surgery Eat 200 grams of baby powder daily without being able to control your strange habit. An Unusual Case He dies after getting augmented 😢the breasts and they demand payment for the surgery😭 It comes to light that the remains of José José were never inside the coffin during his tribute. This is not Love. I saw him coming towards me from the back of the car and threw the acid at me. She met the love of her life on Tinder and just before she got marriedrió discovered the worst😰 They hear unexpected noises in the coffin on the way to the cemetery and run to the hospital asking for help. The young woman who ate only rice for years to support her brother dies.

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