Rhinoplasty |  Aesthetic Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty treatment seeks to improve the appearance of the nose. Our surgeons are specialized in Aesthetic Nose Surgery with and without fracture. Almost 100% of our patients are satisfied with the appearance of their nose. Do not miss this video to know the entire procedure of an Aesthetic Nose Surgery, as well as photographs of the results of our patients. At Clínicas Diego de León, the first appointment is free and without obligation. Request one by clicking on the following link: ☎ Toll Free: 900 84 44 50 | ☑ WhatsApp Service: 674 37 22 05 Request a free Online Assessment at the following link !: FOLLOW US: – FACEBOOK: – TWITTER: – GOOGLE +: – INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/clinicasdiegodeleon ✍ RHINOPLASTY TREATMENT: A rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that seeks to beautify the nose. Make it more harmonious with the face, make it smaller, remove the hump, remove any angle that it has … that is not proportionate to the person’s face. So, generally, what is sought is to make it smaller, they are usually girls between 20 and 30 years old, who seek a more harmonious profile. In some cases, I would say that in a 20% tone, by the way the aesthetics of the nose is fixed, the functionality is fixed. Many people do not breathe well, they have a deviated septum, they have hypertrophy of turbinates. And in that case, in our clinic, we work in coordination with an ENT, that is, at the time of the intervention there will be a plastic surgeon and an ENT. To advise a person on the type of nose that would best suit their face, we have a tool, which is different from other clinics. We have a computer program, we take a photo and we make a photo simulation, with a very similar result in the end. This is very important, because there are cases of girls who have nose operations, which objectively fits them better, and yet they cannot be seen. The nose, the previous process is very delicate, you have to inform the patient well, tell her how it will be. With this we guarantee that a very large percentage, almost 100% of the patients are satisfied with their result. It is an operation that lasts between an hour, an hour and a half, the patient is asleep, takes sedation, in addition to local anesthesia in the nose. Our surgeons at the Diego de León Clinic do it only from the inside, there is no external scar left and, it is important to point out, that they work from the bottom up. First the tip is fixed, once the tip is already in place, the bone is worked, sometimes it has to be filed, sometimes it has to be adapted to the new situation. The postoperative period of a Rhinoplasty, the first days, the first 48 hours the patient cannot breathe because she has a tamponade. On the third day in the morning we remove the earplugs, he can breathe. It is important that you wear the splint, a splint that goes on the outside for 8-10 days. And the patient must be informed that it takes a long time to deflate, at first the nose is a little chubby and it goes down, it goes down progressively. In some cases, up to 6 months we do not get the result, let’s say, definitive. However, the result is seen from the beginning, but a little inflamed the nose. .

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