Postoperative cataract surgery |  Baviera Clinic

Dr. Manuel Marcos, an ophthalmologist at Clínica Baviera, describes how the postoperative period of cataract surgery. How is the postoperative period of cataract surgery? The postoperative period of the usual cataract surgery in phacoemulsification is simple. It only consists of putting a few drops during a postoperative season. The drops are administered for three to four weeks in a descending schedule. The patient is explained how the treatment is the same day of the surgery so that he does not get confused. What medications should be used? Medications for the postoperative period of cataract surgery are of two types: anti-inflammatory and antibiotics. Among the anti-inflammatories, medications of two classes are used, some are corticosteroids and others are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Both are applied together, in a pattern that the patient knows. The first to be withdrawn are antibiotics and corticosteroids. The other anti-inflammatory drug, the non-steroidal one, lasts for about a month. What activities should not be done after surgery? In a postoperative period for cataracts, it can become dangerous to do contact sports for a week or ten days and pool sports due to the risk of contamination. The rest of the activities, in principle, can be started from the second or third day, which is when normal vision begins to regain, more or less. What discomforts are the most common after this type of intervention? The patient is instructed to know that for a couple of days or three he will have some discomfort type sensation of grit or foreign body that have to do with the small incisions that are made for cataract surgery. After those two or three days the discomfort is very residual and sometimes has to do with some dryness associated with the postoperative period. We also tell the patient that if the discomfort is significant, he must think that he has some other problem and should go to the clinic. How long does it take for the patient to return to his usual activity? It is a bit complicated because the usual activity of each patient is different. Driving or doing activities that require some precision may still take a little longer, about a week. To be at home or to carry out activities with not much visual precision, normally in two or three days the patient will be able to carry out his usual activity with fairly good vision, while the edema, the postoperative inflammation, is removed a little. What results are usually obtained? Currently, in cataract surgery using phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implant, even with multifocal lens, the optical results are truly impressive. We can achieve emmetropia both from far and near. That is, the patient can free himself from his glasses both far and near due to the implantation of those multifocal lenses. .

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