NOSE SURGERY BEFORE AND AFTER |  Rhinoplasty before and after |  AndyZaturno

NOSE SURGERY BEFORE AND AFTER | NOSE JOB BEFORE AND AFTER. Rhinoplasty is a procedure that is done every day around the world, it not only improves the functionality of the nose, but also improves it aesthetically. I had my rhinoplasty or nose surgery a few years ago, and I continue to be happy with the results. If you think you are a candidate for rhinoplasty or nose surgery, then this video is for you. ————————————————– – ANDY’S SOCIAL NETWORKS ——————————————– ——– Facebook Page: Facebook Profile: Twitter: Blog: Instagram: Snapchat: AndyZaturno Pinterest: ————————- ————————— SUBSCRIBE BECOME PART OF THE GROUP! ————————————————– – If you liked this video, please subscribe to my channel for more videos on fashion, beauty, personal care, lifestyle, and motivation. ————————————————– – BUSINESSES AND COLLABORATIONS ——————————————— ——- Write to me at: I will answer you as soon as possible. ————————————————– – ABOUT ANDY ZATURNO ——————————————— ——- Name: AndrĂ©s or Andy (Call me whatever you like) Camera: Canon Rebel EOS T3i Editor: Apple iMovie Yosemite ——————– ——————————– OBJECTIVE OF THIS CHANNEL ————– ————————————– Guys, the goal I want to achieve with this channel is to show you how inclusive, enjoyable, and friendly fashion can be. You and I can enjoy it without limitations. Everything you want to show off and try already exists! Make it yours My wish is that through fashion, personal care, motivation, and a positive lifestyle, you learn to project your being to the fullest and increase your self-esteem, I want you to be well and feel good about yourself, from the inside to the outside. RHINOPLASTY BEFORE AND AFTER ———————————————- —— Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this video are my own and were not endorsed. .

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