Liposuction – Plastic Surgery in Colombia

For whom? Indicated for patients who want to improve the shape of the body due to excess fat content due to lack of exercise, genetics, endocrine disorders, pregnancy, or disagreement with the body contour. The patient must have adequate skin that can be retracted. Objective of the surgery: To improve the symmetry of the body so that it is curvy and sensual in women, and healthy and defined in men. The fat is extracted where there is excess and is injected where it is needed (buttocks and face) Duration of surgery: 2-4 hours Anesthesia: Regional Anesthesia. In this type of surgery the patient is sedated and relaxed by the anesthesiologist. The surgeon blocks the sensitivity of the area and in this way the patient does not feel the surgery. The patient feels absolutely nothing, but is conscious and can breathe on his own. It can also be performed under general anesthesia according to the extraction area. All patients have intermittent venous pressure equipment and have intra- and postoperative thermal management. Surgical technique: After demarcation of the standing patient, her sensitivity is blocked. The surgery is performed through 4 mm long incisions hidden in underwear or bikini. Using technology such as vaser, laser, ultrasound, or tumescent according to each particular case. Likewise, the tumescent technique to facilitate extraction and reduce bleeding. Tunnel crossing is done in all patients to give a more even result. Recovery and disability: It is an outpatient surgery. The time in the recovery room is 3 hours, after which the patient leaves by their own means. Compression strips and foams are left to promote adherence to the skin. Patients have an optional nurse who can accompany them in the required time. They must wander accompanied by the nurse and perform postoperative therapy. From day 2 of the surgery you can have a working life and mobility limited to exercise or physical effort. The stitches are removed after 8 days. The complete deflammation process takes 1 to 2 months. Patients living abroad must stay with us for at least 8 to 15 days, to remove the stitches according to the technique used, follow their evolution and perform post-operative therapies. Our experience: In our statistics for the last three years, in a study carried out in our center with 1000 patients, we did not have serious postoperative or intraoperative complications. There was no need for unwanted transfusions or unanticipated hospitalizations. It is the most frequent procedure in our center. I believe that our management protocol is already proven and works very well in terms of results and reduction of risks for patients. The technique is decided with the patient. I think that what is really important is the human team and not the devices, because nowadays the surgeon is being downplayed and equipment is given relevance. As a patient, you must choose an ideal surgeon who offers serious and precise surgical care to properly manage the surgery. It is important that you have adequate time for recovery and perform post-operative therapies to maximize the result. Remember that the most important thing in cosmetic surgery is the health and safety provided to the patient during the surgical act and the postoperative period. Before making a decision, please contact us! Av calle 116 No. 23-05 PBX: (571) 637 39 00 Cell .: (57) 316 3 96 40 39 Bogotá – Colombia Visit us at: Follow us on Twitter @drivansantos.

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