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Liposuction is a procedure in which a cannula is inserted through a small incision to remove fat using a tube connected to a suction machine. Liposuction can be performed in many areas, including the abdomen, sides, and upper and lower back areas, among others. One of the mistakes in liposuction conception is that it can tighten your skin. The main purpose of liposuction is to suck fat. “Lio” means “fat” and “suction” refers to the act of “sucking”: this is the origin of the word. When we perform liposuction, the only substances you can see through the tube are fat, fluids, and blood. The liposuction cannula is not used to remove skin. So what does liposuction mean? It is true that to some degree the skin can tighten after liposuction, but this occurs in a minority of patients. These are the patients who take care of themselves. They exercise a lot and have stubborn fat that they can’t get rid of by diet. In most patients, liposuction does nothing with the skin. Although the skin retracts due to inflammation from a surgical procedure, the amount of retraction is not enough to tighten the skin. Many patients who come for a cosmetic enhancement consultation have pregnancy stretch marks, or the elasticity of their skin has been damaged by weight gain. In this situation, liposuction will make your abdomen look bulky and uneven: the abdomen will decrease in size, but it will not do so with the skin that surrounds it. Why? Let’s look at this diagram. Assume that the circle is your body and the red is your skin. Inside, the yellow is the fat. After liposuction, the yellow decreases significantly, depending on how aggressive the surgeon is, but if you notice it, the outer circle, which is the skin envelope, remains the same. It is impossible for the skin to fit a smaller body, in that case the yellow circle. For this reason, whenever liposuction is performed and there is excess skin, your abdomen will look uneven, as the amount of skin is too much for the new body. If you ask for a liposuction, you must understand that how your abdomen will look will depend on your skin tone and your anatomy. If your skin tone is poor and you have a lot of excess skin, then you can’t expect a tight, tight, bikini-ready body. Certainly your abdomen will be flatter, but aesthetically, the skin will not readjust to your satisfaction. Now, on the other hand, if you have a good skin tone with localized fat pockets and you undergo liposuction, the skin will retract, your abdomen will look tighter, and you can wear whatever clothes you want. Understanding liposuction and its limitations when it comes to skin tightening is crucial for two reasons: 1. Choose the procedure that makes your body look its best. 2. Improve your abdomen or any part of your body to meet your aesthetic needs. ➡️ CONTACT US: 📧 Email: ☎️ Telephone: 713-636-2729 Text message: 713-636-2729 📲 WhatsApp at 936-499-8075 👉 In addition, you can contact him through social networks, including direct messages through Instagram to dr_cortes, Facebook to Wilberto Cortes. ✍️ We have payment financing, contact us 📞for more information on payment methods. 💳💵 💻 WEB PAGES Live broadcast of surgery during the week on: Facebook live: Dr. Wilberto Cortes Periscope: Dr. Wilberto Cortes (@drhourglass) Snapchat: drhourglass (dr cortes) WEB PAGES To see the impressive results of Dr. Cortés, you can enter his multiple web pages: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7..

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