LIPOMAS (FAT BULBS) – Everything You Need to Know – Diseases # 36

LIPOMAS (FAT BULBS) – All you need to know is a video in which Doctor Daniel González explains, in a simple and understandable way, the most important aspects of lipomas, those fat lumps that sometimes scare you thinking they are cancer and that other times they are very annoying because they are located in places where they are in the way or are unsightly. — Subscribe to the channel and share the video — If you like health content, be sure to subscribe to this channel! And don’t forget to activate the bell, because if you don’t, YouTube won’t send you alerts when new videos appear! And if you think the video might be interesting to people you know, be sure to share it with them! They sure appreciate it. — History of the video recording — This video belongs to a series of videos about the most common diseases. You can find them in this playlist: The recording belongs to the “ Salud” program, the result of the collaboration between Doctor Daniel González and Medicina Televisión. Additional resources belong to the personal library of Doctor Daniel González. — Contact the authors — If you want to contact Dr. Daniel González, you can use any of these means: – Website: – Facebook: – Twitter: – Instagram: – LinkedIn: – Pinterest: – Telegram: If you want To contact Medicine Television, you can use any of these means: – Website: – Facebook: – Twitter: – YouTube: – Instagram: – LinkedIn: #Lipomas #Enfermedades # DoctorDanielGonzález.

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