Lipolaser – Laser Assisted Liposuction (Process)

Laser-assisted liposuction (lipolaser) Laser-assisted liposuction, also known as lipolaser, is an alternative to the traditional liposuction that we know, which is carried out by means of the mechanical extraction of fat. A procedure that offers good results. In laser-assisted liposuction, a cannula is also inserted, but instead of sucking the fat, it is broken down by the action of the laser. It is carried out by means of a sophisticated device called Smart Lipo Mpx, which combines 2 different laser wavelengths. The action of the laser generates a heating in the deep dermis of up to 40ยบ Celsius, which in addition to breaking down the fat, forms new collagen and causes a 50% greater retraction of the skin than in normal liposuction. When laser-assisted liposuction treatment (lipolaser) is indicated Precisely for this effect, the lipolaser is especially indicated in the case of patients with great flaccidity of the skin. The doctor must evaluate the patient and in case of detecting insufficient skin tonicity is when he should suggest laser-assisted liposuction treatment. Thanks to the better retraction of the skin achieved with this system, the long-term results of the lipolaser are superior to those of traditional liposuction. In this, it is quite common that a certain flaccidity may remain in the area on which it has been acted, while the lipolaser provides better and more consistent results over time. Advantages of the lipolaser. Apart from the aforementioned characteristic of providing smoother skin, laser-assisted liposuction, like any other type of intervention, has other points in its favor. In relation to traditional liposuction, it is a somewhat longer procedure (the intervention lasts about an hour more), but in its favor it plays that it is not necessary to use general anesthesia and that the appearance of bruising or swelling in the post-operative period less. There are also some risks associated with lipolaser that are not found in traditional liposuction, such as the possibility of burns. During the intervention, the assistant must control the heating in the area where they are working so that these do not occur, although the Smart Lipo MPX also has safety mechanisms to prevent these possible damages. In this video, Doctor Luis Botero, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon of the Free University of Brussels and member of the Colombian Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, resolves the following concerns about Liposuction assisted with laser (lipolaser) 0:21 Before talk about laser assisted liposuction (lipolaser), please tell us What is liposuction? 0:43 What are the anatomical structures where this fat is extracted? 2:51 How is the laser assisted liposuction process (lipolaser)? 5:17 Contact information for Doctor Luis Botero to access a laser assisted liposuction procedure (lipolaser) =============== Subscribe to our channel here: ====== ========= We are on Facebook =============== Follow us on Instagram =============== Let’s connect on LinkedIN == =============.

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