Interview with Plastic Surgeon Dra. Maria Palacios Willax TV.

Liposuction is the most common plastic surgery in the world, but it continues to raise certain doubts in people who want to undergo it. To begin with, it should be emphasized, as always when talking about a very risky surgical intervention if it is not done in a guaranteed center and with an experienced CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON. As for the technique itself, liposculpture is recommended because it removes excess body fat from areas with an unpleasant appearance, the fat can be implanted in other areas, giving a harmonious and proportionate result. Some of the claims that are often made about liposuction are not true. Let’s go one by one: 1. Go to a cosmetic surgeon: NO Plastic surgeon is not the same as cosmetic surgeon. It is essential to always and only go to the PLASTIC SURGEON, who has graduated as a surgeon, has had training in general surgery and has then chosen plastic surgery as a specialty. He has completed complementary studies and has gained experience in this field. Usually they carry out specialization studies in different countries and also for specific treatment. Plastic surgeons in Peru are trained to perform both reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. 2. The latest technique is always the best: NOT NECESSARILY New techniques offer great advantages. In fact, it has more drawbacks due to complications that may arise in inexperienced and untrained hands. Ultrasounds, laser liposuction are state-of-the-art treatments indicated when we want greater retraction of the skin, remove more fat or access difficult areas, they have very good results, as does liposuction in the right patient. 3. It can always be done with local anesthesia: NO It will depend on the areas to be treated whether the anesthesia is local, regional or general. If multiple regions are treated. Local anesthesia can be very painful and dangerous. 4. It is possible to have an inexpensive Lipo: NO It is important to do it with a good experienced Plastic Surgeon and in a guaranteed center. Low prices should be avoided as life is the most important thing. In this case, less is not more. Remember THE CHEAP COSTS EXPENSIVE, it should not be operated in a SPA, HAIRDRESSER OR IN A HOME. INVASIVE TREATMENTS, which go through the skin must be carried out by doctors not by ESTHETISISTS or non-medical “COSMIATRAS”. 5. It does not always look good: YES The results can be excellent, as long as the intervention is performed with good technique and on the right patient with elastic and retractable skin. If, on the other hand, it is sagging skin, no false expectations should be made. 6. Liposuction makes you lose weight: NO It is not a weight loss method. Liposuction serves to extract harmonize the body. It is a ” plus ” when it comes to staying in shape. Never forget exercise and good nutrition. If you decide to have surgery, you must maintain a healthy life so as not to gain weight again. 7. Produces a rebound effect: NO REBOUND EXISTS. Simply, if the patient takes care of himself, the removed fat does not reappear and even the benefits of the operation can last a lifetime. 8. Lipo leaves marks: NOT ALWAYS After the intervention, it is normal for bruises to appear and there is a degree of inflammation. Both complications disappear quickly if the patient follows the instructions of her doctor, which are usually small changes in the routine that facilitate the recovery of the remodeled area. Renasce Laser Cosmetic Surgery Dra. María Palacios R. Plastic Surgeon CMP 23794 RNE 028840 – in Renasce – Laser Cosmetic Surgery. .

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