How to lose abdominal fat without liposuction or surgery Video2

Interested? Contact me: Whatsapp Mexico City (+521) 55 3617 7440. Do you want to know how to lose abdominal fat without liposuction or surgery, or any risky method? Well, I have excellent news for you. In this video we share a demonstration of just 20 minutes where our model achieved a reduction of measurements of 10 cm by adding the reduction of the chest, waist and navel. In this short demonstration we use a body wash with a unique technology that was recently recognized by the Discovery Channel as the closest thing to the fountain of eternal youth. This body gel contains key ingredients that achieve natural weight loss. One of them, the Laminaria Digitata, is an alga considered as: “The elixir of youth from the depths of the ocean”. I will briefly share some cosmetic properties of laminaria: 1. It causes the dissolution of fat (anti-cellulite). 2. Activates the metabolism. 3. Helps to expel excess fluids in the body. 4. Improves the characteristics of the blood, increasing the amount of hemoglobin and red cells. 5. Eliminate cholesterol. 6. Cleanses the skin of toxic substances. 7. Nourishes and softens the skin, improves its elasticity and helps to eliminate small wrinkles. 8. Under the influence of iodine, blood viscosity decreases and blood pressure drops. These benefits of laminaria make our gel for body treatments ideal for: a) Treating obesity (for this reason it works wonderfully when our treatments are combined with the personalized meal plans that we design in “Transform your health in 90 days”, which is also part of our program: “Sculpt your body in 27 days”). For detailed information on these programs send us an email to: b) Eliminate cellulite. c) Tone the skin. d) Stretching. e) Counteract inflammation. Other interesting facts about laminaria digitata: 1. It contains a large number of macro and micro nutrients for our body. The chemical composition of laminaria is very similar to that of human blood serum: Polysaccharides: such as alginic acid and its derivatives; lures, algin, alginate, which helps to expel salts of heavy metals and other toxic substances from the body. Vitamins such as: B, B1, B2, B12, A, C, D and E. Minerals such as: cobalt, potassium, manganese, sodium, magnesium, zinc, bromine, iron, sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, boron, silicon, fluorine, among others. Vegetable proteins, amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Another key ingredient is Theobromine, which is derived from the Greek word Theobroma which means “food of the gods.” This ingredient present in chocolate and of course in our body gel, helps to relax the blood vessels, reducing their inflammation and improving circulation. For this reason, our gel not only helps reduce abdominal fat, but also helps improve the condition of people who suffer from varicose veins. Finally, our body treatment gel is made with a technology called ageloc (age lock) that identifies two types of genetic groups: those that promote youth and those that cause aging. By doing so, it manages to equalize their activity, reducing that of those that make us age and increasing the activity of the groups of genes that produce youth to regain a youthful appearance from the source: our genes. That is why, the results that we can offer with our body treatments both to lose abdominal fat, as well as to combat cellulite, firm the body (buttock and breast lift) and eliminate flaccidity from any part of the body, are guaranteed. To see the result of the treatment, please watch: “How to lose abdominal fat without liposuction or surgery Video 2”. You can see it in this link: And to see the initial measurements of this body treatment, watch Video 1 in this link: If you have doubts or require personalized attention, I leave you my information again: Luis Carlos Morales Nx. (+ 52 55) 3617 7440 ID # 62 * 323417 * 2 Cel. (+52) 55 2560 4804 Mail:

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