How to apply keratin straightening without formaldehyde at home

How to apply keratin straightening without formaldehyde at home for the Spray perfume for the kit Instagram: @miocrooke ATTENTION !!! This video is dedicated to girls who have curly or wavy frizzy hair and prefer to wear it straight like me. If you have front hair and you would like to change your Look for a few months, I recommend that you DO NOT USE IT! And if you like your hair as it is and you feel happy with it then this video is not for you, I invite you to visit my channel, there are other videos that may interest you. Remember that RESPECT FOR THE RIGHT OF OTHERS IS PEACE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS》 How long does the straightening last? According to the manufacturer it usually lasts about 3 months, although depending on how we take care of it after straightening this time will be longer or shorter. 》 How often or how often should I do it to keep my hair straight? When you notice that your hair is straightened, do the process again, it is normal to repeat the process after 3-4 months when you begin to notice that the effects have diminished,》 What if I want my hair to return to its original state / normal? If you want to return to your curls, just stop applying the straightening and go back to using your usual shampoos / masks. Your hair will return to its natural state little by little. 》 How long does it take to do the straightening with the kit? More or less it usually takes about 2: 30-3 hours if someone helps you, but it depends on the length and volume of your hair, it will take more or less. Take it easy and do all the steps well. I took about 4 hours》 Is there any contra-indication if I have dyed or bleached hair? There is no contraindication, the only thing you must bear in mind is that due to the properties of the product your hair tone can be lightened, so it is recommended that you match the use of the kit with your coloring, that is, that you do the straightening and then you dye your hair to avoid this lightening. 》 What type of hair is it suitable for? It is indicated for any type of hair. In smoother hair the result will be greater although in curly hair it is spectacular. It is created for unruly, curly, frizzy, difficult to treat hair. 》 Do I have to stop washing my hair? It is advisable not to wash your hair for a couple of days for the treatment to settle, but afterwards you can wash your hair normally. 》 Do I have to take any special care just after doing the straightening? Avoid the pool or the sea the days after straightening. use shampoos and masks without salts or sulfates. It is also advisable not to tie or put tweezers in the following days to avoid making marks. 》 How many cans or kits do I have to use to do the straightening? It depends on the length of your hair, for me it was enough to use a boat. .

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