How This Patient Straightened Her Nose Without Surgery

Surgery is no longer the only way that people can correct the contour of their nose. The patient in this video was able to straighten her nasal bridge using a dermal filler called Radiesse. Check out the video to see her new and improved nose. Please visit Dr. U’s homepage: Learn more about non-surgical nose jobs here- http: // … Sign up here for a free initial consultation: Call our office directly during normal business hours, Pacific Time: 877-377-6424 Doctor Umar’s email: Like many people, this patient was unhappy with the appearance of her profile due to the presence of a lump in the bridge of your nose. I wanted to achieve a straight nasal bridge without the investment and commitment of surgery. Thanks to the availability of a dermal filler called Radiesse, she was able to achieve her goal. In this video, Dr. U discusses common reasons why people like this patient choose to use Radiesse over surgical rhinoplasty. fewer complications and less invasive risks little to no downtime from work and regular activities no scarring With surgery, an unwanted nose bump is cut to achieve a straight contour. However, in using Radiesse, the filler is injected at the top of the bridge of the nose and shaped to minimize tortuosity or unwanted deflection. Dr. U also explains that the results can be corrected immediately if patients do not like their result. However, with surgeries you cannot make corrections immediately because this can be more complicated, depending on what was done. WHY RADIESSE WORKS Most dermal fillers have a jelly-like fluid consistency. Therefore, it is commonly used to increase the volume of tissue, such as the lips. So why is Radiesse able to actually achieve a straighter bridge of the nose? This particular filler contains not only a gel substance, but also small calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres. These small particles are able to aggregate together to create a firm structure, like a scaffold under the skin. This property makes Radiesse a useful agent for enhancing facial contour. HOW LONG DOES RADIESSE TREATMENT LAST? According to Dr. U, Radiesse can last between 9-12 months. 819 North Harbor Drive (Penthouse Suite 400) Redondo Beach, CA 90277.

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