How is a Rhinoplasty (3D) done |  Nose surgery

Rhinoplasty: We tell you how to perform a Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery in this 3D video. Our extensive experience in the treatment of Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery, allows us to guarantee the best results in Nose Operations. Do not miss in this video the process of how to do a Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery in our Diego de León Clinics. Toll Free: 900 84 44 50 | WhatsApp Service: 674 37 22 05 Request your Varolation Online FREE! With rhinoplasty, the width of the nose can be reduced, the tip can be made smaller, the back can be left straight or everything that is the nose can be made smaller. However, the nose requires an important preliminary study. You have to take a photo of before and present a model to the patient of how she will look approximately. With these steps we avoid unpleasant surprises. In our clinic we always do it and the result we have in rhinoplasty is very good and very positive. Now I am going to tell you how we do rhinoplasty in our clinic: First we mark the area on which we are going to work, then we apply a disinfectant solution to avoid infections. Then the anesthetist comes into action, producing a light sedation to make the treatment very comfortable for the patient. Then we put local anesthesia with a vasoconstrictor and once the tip of the nose is asleep we make a small incision and we go in to modify those aspects of the nose that the patient does not like and that we are going to make them more aesthetic. Generally, we trim the cartilage a little, file the back for the typical aquiline nose and there is also a small fracture of the bones of the nose. Next, we place them in the new situation and we see that the aesthetic result is the desired one, we proceed to put some gauze plugs in the nose and we give the patient the appropriate indications. You will need to take antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for a week. After a week we remove the stitches and the plaster and it must also be reported that, despite the fact that at first the nose looks very beautiful, it improves over time, that is, after three months all the inflammation has decreased it is when the definitive result of a well done rhinoplasty is observed. We wait for you at the clinic. .

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