Hair transplant result in 10 months, 6000 grafts, grade 6, @ Eugenix by experienced surgeons

The index patient was 47 years old when he came with us for the hair transplant procedure. He was Grade VI on the Norwood Hamilton Baldness Scale. We decided to give him a total of 6000 grafts for the entire scalp coverage. We took 4,700 grafts from his scalp and 1300 grafts from his beard. We also suggested her medications for the preservation of her pre-existing hair. Growth was promising at 6 months with a complete makeover. By the tenth month, the results were extremely good and she achieved a thick lock of hair on her scalp. Subscribe to our channel and ring the bell icon to keep up to date with our videos. We will continuously publish new and scientific videos that will help all patients gain a better understanding of hair transplant procedures. Eugenix Hair Sciences – a phenomenon that is sweeping the hair transplant industry with its direct hair transplant technique has become an enigma in the hair transplant industry. With more than 6000 successful cases so far, they have proven their consistency without a doubt. Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal with their skill and passion have emerged as forerunners in the hair transplant industry. Eugenix is ​​changing the face of hair transplantation for men and women with world-class FUE instrumentation, facilities and a team of dedicated professionals. Anup Jalota Hair Transplant at Eugenix India: Our result (four months): Our result (six months): Our result (nine months): Our result (one year): Corrective hair transplant: About us: – —— ——————————————– —— ——————————————– —— ———– Visit: Instagram: @eugenixhairsciences Facebook: Twitter: ———————– —— ——————————————– —— ————————- Dr Arika Bansal (MD, AIIMS) Dr Pradeep Sethi (MD, AIIMS) is a experienced surgeon and was awarded an honorary professor at DY Patil University, for teaching the science and art of hair transplantation. .

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