Does nose surgery improve your voice?  The nose, rhinoplasty and voice

How much does a stuffy nose influence the quality of the voice? If you have a nose job, can your hoarse voice get better or worse? The relationship between the nose and the voice explained by Dr. Fermín Zubiaur, Laryngologist and Phonosurgeon of the Voice Clinic. Dr. Zubiaur is an Otolaryngologist by training, but specialized in Laryngology. Laryngologists are dedicated to making diagnoses of voice problems through very detailed endoscopies, they give medical treatment for these problems and they are in charge of performing microsurgery of the vocal cords (phonosurgery). ** OUR WORK CENTER AND SITES OF INTEREST ** Clinica de la Voz in Mexico City: Complete curriculum of Dr. Zubiaur: Channel of the Voice Clinic with videos of moving vocal cords, healthy and injured vocal cords: Site of my mentor, Dr. James Thomas, with good images and videos: ** Videos from other channels with the participation of Dr. Zubiaur and the Voice Clinic ** HISTORY CHANNEL (Superhumans) Beatbox – JUAN PA ZURITA I can lose my voice: GRET ROCHA Myths home remedies – Myths: can we all sing? – Myths: I drink alcohol to sing – MARIO FILIO Voice care – Mario Filio’s podcast – Review of vocal cords imitating famous people – XUXO DOM Vocal cords imitating characters – TOPDOCTORS Voice disorders: Alterations, dysphonia and aphonia – Microsurgery of Vocal Cords How is it done? – Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing): causes, symptoms, treatment – Vocal cord endoscopy How is it performed and what is it for? – The vocal cord videos and images are the property of the Voice Clinic and may be used for educational purposes. If you are going to use them, nothing would give us more pleasure, so tell us how you will do it! ** CONNECT WITH DR. ZUBIAUR AND THE NETWORK VOICE CLINIC ** Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: Rest of videos and clips used with permission under the Creative Commons and Fair Use licenses. Stewie: Horn music: Police Academy: Septum illustration: Nasal bones illustration: turbinate illustration: Wow clip: Led Zeppelin: Karate Kid: ** We welcome doctors or professionals who are dedicated to treating voice problems and want to learn more than voice alterations and their medical or surgical treatment, in the form of academic rotations or professional internships for periods ranging from days to months. Space is limited, write to fzubiaur @ clinicadelavoz if you would like to visit us ** *** The opinions expressed by Dr. Zubiaur or any content on the DOC DE LA VOZ channel does not substitute for the professional opinion of your treating physician. For any diagnosis, treatment or medical guidance, a face-to-face clinical assessment is necessary. The interaction with Clínica de la Voz and Dr. Zubiaur through this channel does not establish a doctor-patient relationship and is not intended to be a means of offering therapeutic recommendations. ***.

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