Daily Vlog # 5 by Dr. John Mesa |  BotyTite of Arms and Scrotox |  New York – NYC

DAILY VLOG # 5 BY DR JOHN MESA | BOTITITE OF WEAPONS AND SCROTOX | NEW YORK – NYC In today’s vlog I show you how to perform BodyTIte of the arms (liposuction of the arms with radiofrequency skin tightening) under local anesthesia. I am also talking about Scrotox: a procedure to relax the scrotal area and make the testicles go down more and therefore look “bigger”. SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: ____________________________________________________________________ For further information and FAQs visit my website: 🌐 ____________________________________________________________________ 📱OUR SOCIALS: IG lifestyle: IG for women: IG for men: FB: ____________________________________________________________________ (716) 272 -1155 ____________________________________________________________________ – INDEX – 🔹 0:45 – BodyTite of Arms 🔹 3:08 – Scrotox TAGS: dr mesa, doctor mesa, best plastic surgeon in New York, best plastic surgeon in Miami, best plastic surgeon in New York, best plastic surgeon in Manhattan, bodytitis, liposuction, arm lift, arm liposuction, scrotox, botox, scrotoxlosangeles, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, scrotox nyc, scrotox new york, scrotox miami, scrotox new jersey, scrotox manahatan, Celebrity Arms ™ Lipos uction | Ultra-full high definition | Lipo 360 Arms | Experts Dr. Su. Inmode Bodytite | Non-surgical fat reduction and skin tightening | Dr. Jason Emer. Celebrity Arms ™ Liposuction | High Definition 360 Lipo Arms | Expert Dr. Gruber ____________________________________________________________________ ⚠️ DISCLAIMER: This video / social media post has been made available for informational and educational purposes only. The use of this video / post on social media will not constitute the establishment of a doctor / patient or clinical relationship with any individual, nor the institution or offer to enter into a business relationship with any institution or organization. The text, graphics, photos, videos and other information are not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment nor are the information provided herein intended to replace consultation with a qualified physician or other health care provider. Always seek the advice of a board-certified physician or other qualified health care practitioner with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never neglect the advice of a medical professional or delay your search because of something you have read or seen in this video / social media post. Any questions you may have regarding the diagnosis, cure or treatment of a medical condition or any product described on this website should be directed to your physician. If you are looking for specific medical advice, contact your doctor or call 911 in an emergency. The content provided in this video / post on social media may display content of a graphic nature and which may depict partial or total nudity. If you find such material offensive, you should not continue watching the social media video / post content or you should be careful before watching the social media video / post. Open discussions, comments, stories and experiences that a viewer would like to share are welcome. However, this video has been posted on a public website or social media platform and therefore you should not share any personal medical information that you wish to be kept confidential. Dr. John Mesa (John Mesa MD LLC) cannot respond to all comments, especially those dealing with individual medical cases and problems. Unless otherwise noted, this social media video / post is for personal non-commercial, non-medical use. You may not copy, reproduce, publish, distribute, sell, create derivative works from, transfer, retransmit, stream or sell the content of this video / post on social media without the express written consent of Dr. John Mesa (John Mesa MD LLC) © 2020 John Mesa, MD. All rights reserved. HASHTAG: #BodyTite #DrJohnMesa #Scrotox.

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