With the arrival of summer hundreds of people undergo surgery, to look great on the beach. There are good beauty centers where more and more innovative operations are carried out every day. Carolina and Reca are two young people with a common feeling, they do not like their physique and have decided to put themselves in the hands of the plastic surgeons of FEMM Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine to modify their appearance. In Reca’s case, she weighed 99 kilos, and as she lost weight abruptly, her body has sagged a bit, especially her ass; and in the pectoral area she has been fat, so she is going to undergo a gluteal augmentation with prosthesis and a gynecomastia. Carolina I want to get some holes that she has, the love handles on her belly, and have a prettier and rounder ass. You are going to undergo liposuction and gluteal augmentation surgery with your own fat. They are going to put themselves in the hands of Dr. Ramón Calderón Nájera, one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in this type of surgery: “When losing fat, Reca’s ass has become a bit flat, a bit empty. For the operation it will be necessary to make an incision in the intergluteal area to access the gluteal muscle area, which is where we place the prostheses. The fat from the chest will be removed by liposculpture; that is, with a small incision in the armpit area. And with that same fat, by lipotransference, we mold the sides of the gluteal prostheses. In Carolina’s case, we will do a liposculpture of the abdominal area. “” We treat that fat, we centrifuge it, we decant it, and we can infiltrate it, inject it into the buttock to give it a little volume. We will simply give it a little volume in the central area. “” Gynecomastia surgery is a very rewarding operation; Many men are self-conscious because they have fat in the pectoral area, and they do not want a breast similar to that of a woman. Through an incision in the armpit we insert cannulas of different diameters; what we are going to do is suck the fat. That same fat will be used to fill and shape her buttocks once we have implanted the prostheses. “” For Carolina, first of all we are going to do a liposculpture of the abdomen and the lateral part of the abdomen, and in a second part that fat We are going to inject it into the buttock, shaping it so that there are no irregularities in the area. We have put about 100cc. of fat on each side ”. If you are interested, you can find more information at Call us at 915 756 475. © FEMM Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Instagram: Pinterest: Youtube:.

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