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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is known for his massive physique, ridiculous diet, tough demeanor, and gentle smile. If there’s a blockbuster action movie these days, there’s a slim chance Dwayne Johnson isn’t there. Many people may think his life isn’t all that interesting, but they couldn’t be more wrong, here are 7 facts you didn’t know about Dwayne Johnson. Johnson’s family has struggled for generations. Johnson wasn’t “The Rock” at first, actually his name was Rocky Maivia, this was his father’s name and his grandfather’s last name, both of them used their wrestling names not their birth names. But it doesn’t stop there, it wasn’t just Johnson’s father and grandfather who were wrestlers, besides them, he has 14 cousins ​​who are all professional wrestlers. Talk about a family business. We all know that Rock is the tough guy that no one can take, but there was a time, not long ago, when it was the complete opposite. In 2011 Johnson realized that his career wasn’t going in the direction he wanted, most of his films have been uncertain, with the final nail in the coffin being the tooth fairy. In an interview with the Hollywood reporter, he revealed why he hadn’t done it before, he said it was incredibly difficult because you developed a friendship over the years “,” But I just realized: change must future. ”After switching agencies, he skyrocketed, quickly becoming the star of almost every action movie that was coming out. number of hits Johnson had to take on screen, and a greater number of hits he would distribute, in order not to show him being beaten up and keep the image of the tough guy. If you’ve ever wanted to get married to The Rock, just know that it’s possible. 2015, Johnson made a joke on one of his best friends Nick Mundy on his wedding day. Johnson decided to marry the happy couple and became an ordained minister in the state of California p to be able to conduct their wedding ceremony. Mundy describes it as ” the best day of his life ” and we can see why. After going to college on a football scholarship, he dreamed of playing in the NFL, but when the draft was chosen it was not chosen. He was signed for the Canadian Football League’s Calgary Stampeders, but was fired after the manager said he “wasn’t good enough”. He was almost broke and had to move in with his parents in Tampa while he was in Miami, tried to make it on his own but had to call his dad to pick him up, he said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, “I looked in my pocket, and I had seven dollars. Wow. Seven dollars to my name.” After that he quit football and followed in the family footsteps to become a wrestler, after some failed attempts he finally invented himself as The Rock and began his climb to the international superstar. No one can argue that Dwayne Johnson makes a lot of money every year by consistently churning out blockbuster hits, even making it to Forbes’ list of highest paid actors, but the question is, what does he do with all of this? In 2006 Johnson founded the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation. The foundation supports children with diseases, disabilities and ailments, as well as supporting them with fitness and nutrition. There is no doubt that the rock is absolutely huge and many would say it couldn’t get any bigger. But in 2005, she openly admitted that she had undergone breast reduction surgery. He had spent too much time in the gym and dieting trying to make his chest look perfect, but he couldn’t because of gynecomastia, which is when fat is stored in the chest. He then underwent the procedure to remove the fatty tissue, which gave us the shredded Rock we know and love today. Johnson’s life wasn’t all glamor and fame, growing up wasn’t very easy for him. He was born in Rayward, California in 1972. He spent his childhood hopping around houses in the United States and New Zealand. Her family moved to Honolulu when she was 14, however, life there was also not easy, in an interview with the Hollywood reporter she said “We were living in an efficiency that cost $ 120 a week”, ” We go home, and there’s a lock on the door and an eviction notice. My mother starts screaming. She started crying and shivering. “Where will we live? What we will do?” “. .

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