# 10 Shocking insane body transformation

# 10 Shocking INSANE Body Transformation # 1. Henry Damon is slowly transforming into the Marvel Comics villain Red Skull. Part of his nose was removed and subcutaneous implants placed on his forehead to resemble a Red Skull. He also tattooed his eyeballs in black and underwent striking red and black face tattoos. # 2. Luis Padron spent £ 25,000 on plastic surgery, including full body hair removal, skin whitening and eye coloring to look like a real life elf. He is planning surgery to make his ears pointy, hair implants for his hairline into a heart shape, and a limb stretch operation to make him 6 feet-5 inches tall. # 3. Herbert Chavez went through 16 years of plastic surgery to transform himself into his comic book hero Superman. He has had nose jobs, skin whitening and liposuction. Chavez even realigned his jaw, pectoral and abdominal implants to become a real-life Clark Kent. He invested about 300,000 pesos (£ 4,400) in his obsession. # 4. Maria Jose Cristerna, better known as “The Vampire Lady”, underwent a body transformation that involved titanium horns injected into her head. Her entire body is covered in extensive tattoos and piercings. He even filed his teeth to increase the effects. But beyond the scary look, there is a caring mother with a good heart. # 5. Vinny Ohh had over 110 procedures to transform into a “genderless” extraterrestrial being. He has spent over £ 40,000 on his procedures. However, the surgery he wants next is his most extreme: completely removing his genitals so that he is neither male nor female. In the words of Vinny Ohh, “My goal with regards to my appearance is to become an exact, scientifically proportioned and sexless human being.” # 6. Katzen the Tiger Lady is a female artist’s stage name. She is also a tattoo artist and her entire body is tattooed with the theme of a tiger. He even wore tiger whiskers attached by face piercing. More than 227 different tattoo artists have tattooed her, including 23 at the same time. # 7. Lucky Diamond Rich, or simply Lucky Rich, is a New Zealand man who holds the record for “the most tattooed person in the world”. She has tattoos that cover her entire body, including her mouth, the inside of her eyelids, ears, and foreskin. He has held the Guinness World Record since 2006 for having tattooed 99.99% of his body. Rich (real name Gregory Paul McLaren) was born in New Zealand. # 8. “The Enigma” is an American artist, musician and actor. He has undergone extensive body modifications including ear reshaping, piercings, and horn implants. He has a tattoo all over his body in the form of a puzzle. More than 200 tattoo artists worked on his body. Once upon a time, artists were working on 23 tattoos at the same time. # 9. Erik Sprague, commonly known as “The Lizardman”, is an American artist. He is best known for his body modifications, including his sharp teeth and an all over body tattoo of green scales like that of a lizard. He has subcutaneous implants, a forked tongue, and green-inked lips. # 10. Dennis Avner, “Catman” or “Stalking Cat”, has undergone numerous surgeries to resemble his totem animal, the tiger. Avner underwent tattoos all over his body and had transdermal implants to allow him to wear a mustache. She incorporated subcutaneous implants to change the shape of her face and filled and shaped her teeth like a tiger. This slideshow contains images that have been used under a Creative Commons license. Click here to see the complete list of images and attributions: sources :.

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