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Types of Rhinoplasty We are specialists in rhinoplasty or nose surgery in Granada, Malaga, Marbella, Motril Dr. Manuel Tafalla Navarro, a renowned plastic surgeon and specialist in rhinoplasty, tells us when to use cartilage from the ear to perform a rhinoplasty . When the back is very sunken, in those cases, rib cartilage is used to project or define a beautiful nose. Rhinoplasty treatment seeks to improve the appearance of the nose, and not all rhinoplasty or types of nose surgery are the same. Our surgeons are specialized in Cosmetic Nose Surgery with and without fracture. Almost 100% of our patients are satisfied with the appearance of their nose. Not all plastic surgeons are specialists in nose surgery, which is possibly the most complicated and special surgery within the specialty of cosmetic and plastic surgery. Do not miss this video to find out in what cases and in what types of rhinoplasty you have to use cartilage. RHINOPLASTY TREATMENT: A Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that seeks to beautify the nose. Make it more harmonious with the face, make it smaller, remove the hump, remove any angle that it has … that is not proportionate to the person’s face. It is an operation that lasts between an hour, an hour and a half, the patient is asleep, takes sedation, in addition to local anesthesia in the nose. The postoperative period of a rhinoplasty, the first days, patients have to wear a cast. The eyes are very likely to swell, so the patient should use cold and ice. Interior cleaning can be done with rainwater or seawater. ☎ Toll free: 900 696 727 ☑ WhatsApp Service: 685 42 75 53 Dr. Manuel Tafalla is one of the leading Spanish plastic surgeons for celebrities and highly specialized in nose surgery. If you want a professional opinion, request a FREE Online Assessment without obligation: FOLLOW US: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: Clínicas Be has a leading plastic and aesthetic surgery team in our country, specialized in the most avant-garde and innovative techniques. We operate in the best private hospitals, with the highest security guarantees and offering the best achievable results. ————————————————– ————————————————– – Rhinoplasty Cartilage to rebuild nose Open rhinoplasty Closed rhinoplasty Nose surgery Rhinoseptoplasty Cosmetic surgery of the nose.

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