Liposuction on the Arms |  Dr. Cortes Plastic Surgeon

Arm liposuction is one of the most effective ways to reduce the width of your arms. Traditionally, an incision is made in the back of the arm and liposuction is performed until the width of the arms decreases significantly. Tumescent anesthesia is injected and then contour liposuction is performed. I would say that more than 90 percent of the time, liposuction is done on the back of the arm. It is in this area where most of the fat accumulates when we gain weight. This can be combined with liposuction in the armpit. If you have excess skin in this area, liposuction is actually going to make it look worse and many times liposuction must be combined with a Brachioplasty to remove excess skin for a better contour after surgery. Arm liposuction takes about an hour assuming you don’t have a lot of excess skin. If you have a lot of excess skin, a Brachioplasty can take up to 3 hours or more depending on the length of the scar that results after the procedure. If you need a full Brachioplasty that is all the way to the elbow, then the procedure will be much longer. Arm contouring is a procedure that is very helpful when it comes to arm enhancement. Liposuction is very effective, especially when you have very tight skin. ➡️ CONTACT US: 📧 Email: ☎️ Telephone: 713-636-2729 Text message: 713-636-2729 📲 WhatsApp at 936-499-8075 👉 In addition, you can contact him through social networks, including direct messages through Instagram to dr_cortes, Facebook to Wilberto Cortes. ✍️ We have payment financing, contact us 📞for more information on payment methods.💳💵 💻 WEB PAGES Live broadcast of surgery during the week on: Facebook live: Dr. Wilberto Cortes Periscope: Dr. Wilberto Cortes (@drhourglass) Snapchat: drhourglass (dr cortes) WEB PAGES To see the impressive results of Dr. Cortés, you can enter his multiple web pages: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. SOCIAL NETWORKS: For observe the impressive results of Dr. Cortés, you can also follow him on the following social networks: Facebook – Dr. Wilberto Cortes Twitter- @drhourglass Instagram- dr_cortes YouTube – Wilberto Cortes MD YouTube – Wilberto Cortes Snapchat – Dr. Cortes drhourglass Whats’ app – 936-499-8075 Linkedin – Wilberto Cortes Google Plus- Dr. WilbertoCortesLive Vimeo- Wilberto Cortes Pinterest- Dr. Wilberto Cortes Periscope- Dr. Wilberto Cortes @drhourglass.

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