Family! In this video I tell you about my nose surgery process that I had on February 15th. Many of you did not know but if you follow me on Instagram (@thebeautyinsight) then I told you everything there. My super doctor: Dr. Hernán Zurita Orrego (Otolaryngologist) Address: Edifico Kenzen (8th floor office 803) Av. América 275 y Vozandes (in front of Axxis) Telf: 2249657 email: hernan_zuritao@hotmail.com Instagram: thebeautyinsight My personal blog: elmundodemich.com MY VLOG CHANNEL: Mentioned video: Breast tumor surgery: VIDEOS YOU MUST SEE NOW !: how I do my eyebrows My skin care routine: Cat Outline Tutorial: My husband’s channel (Sabu Chan ) Follow me on my social networks: Facebook: Instagram: thebeautyinsight Twitter: @thebeauty_in Snapchat: michvillafuerte contact me for business: mvillafuerte1312@gmail.com End music: Banana Cactus Ukelele – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Ukelele Medley Banana Cactus Ukelele Channel: Ten Please note: All products used in my videos, regardless of whether a video is sponsored or not, are products that I like to use – unless otherwise stated (for example, for being the first time using the camera, etc). I only work with brands, products and / or services that I would recommend to my closest and loved ones. If I don’t like a product, service, or brand, it won’t be featured in any of my videos. I like to keep my platforms as positive as possible. Please always remember that the products that work for me may not work in the same way in type, so I recommend you try a new product in the sample book if you are not sure what you are buying. I remind you that it is not necessary that you use the exact same products that I use, you can always use similar products or the same color that I use. .

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