Facial Feminization – Testimonial of the Cesare Ragazzi Fixed Hair System

Leader in Facial Feminization (CFF Surgery) – FACIALTEAM. See more cases and results on the Web: e-mail: orientations@facialteam.eu See more videos on our YouTube channel! Our patients who use the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories hair replacement system say that they have managed to change their lives thanks to having healthy and natural hair again. This series of testimonials aims to help you understand the benefits of a second breathable scalp attached to your own scalp that, due to total or partial alopecia, requires this totally natural hair system, which is made to measure and is fixed on the head of the patient permanently for weeks. Thanks to the Permanent Hair System, any hair loss in concentrated areas or the entire head can be resolved. You will regain your confidence in yourself. You will feel the tranquility of something sure that really becomes your new hair: no fear of sweat, no stress, it is waterproof, you can shower or swim with it, withstand sun exposure, you can comb it or go to the hairdresser to do it styling is the best solution guaranteeing natural and resistant hair. With its hypoallergenic system that has been dermatologically tested, it includes antibacterial protection for your skin. Ambra says: “When I first heard it, it seemed too good to be true: it was durable, perfectly fitted to your head, made with natural hair … totally different from anything I had seen before. I thought I had to get more information. The measurement session lasted approximately 2 hours in which I had a cast in the shape of my head. After 12 weeks, I returned for the placement session in which a stylist from Milan came to prepare the system of hair and its fixation on my head. After laying, they had it blended with my own hair resulting in a totally natural mane permanently. It needs maintenance every 4-6 weeks, so I’m going to come back here one more time for learning how to remove it and put it back on. After this, I should be able to do it myself at home or at my local hair salon. The difference is that it looks 100% real and the hair is. You feel it like part of your own head. You can either, I’ve already showered with no problems, I’ve done things I’ve never dreamed of with a normal wig, I don’t worry about the wind anymore … basically, there’s nothing you can’t do, even go to the hair salon like anyone else. It has simply brought me back to life. .

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