Lipomas, causes, types, symptoms and treatments

Lipomas and sebaceous cysts are very common. Although they are not usually symptomatic, at least not beyond a perceived lump on the skin, there is the possibility that they hurt or cause discomfort, either because of their location or due to an infection. To try to solve any doubts you may have on this subject, we have prepared a short video-summary in which we explain a little about the subject. I hope it serves you and can help you. Anyway, if you need it, contact us to find a solution 🙂 ⚪ Contact ▶ Similarly, you can visit our articles on lipomas, their symptoms, surgery and more on our website. They are very complete and written in affordable language 🙂 ⚪ All about lipomas ▶ ⚪ Lipoma surgery step by step ▶ ⚪ Lipomatosis, what is it, causes … ▶ ⚪ Lipoma and cyst operation ▶ ★ VIDEO TRANSCRIPT ★ What are lipomas? Lipomas are benign soft cysts, formed by fat-like cells from adipose tissue. They are characterized by… being soft to the touch and rounded, although they are not normally painful. What types of lipomas are there? Basically two can be differentiated: Cutaneous or superficial lipomas, which are located in the soft tissues, are usually present on … back, shoulders or neck. And deep lipomas, whose origin is interosseous, intermuscular or intramuscular, can be located on the hands, feet, gums, tongue … What can cause the appearance of a lipoma? The most common factors are: blows or injuries, genetic inheritance, overweight, alcohol consumption or, due to the treatment of other pathologies. What is your treatment? Lipomas are usually not bothersome or cause complications, so they are generally only treated when they are painful, restrict movement, or for cosmetic reasons. Although there are several ways to remove lipomas, the only technique that fully ensures their removal is … surgical removal, in which a small incision is made and the entire lipoma is removed. What benefits does it bring? The procedure lasts just 30 minutes and, upon completion, the patient can return home safely. After surgery, recovery is bearable and simple, since only the wound care instructions should be followed, guaranteeing full recovery in a few weeks. What to expect After the surgery, the healing process is over, you will forget forever the discomfort and unsightly appearance of lipomas, fully recovering your quality of life. .

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